What is A Mystic What is A Mystic
    Friday,December 14th 2018
    5:41 am

Mystic Messages

Mystic Messages
Mystic Messages

Introduction to WIAM

Answering Unanswerable Questions

The BIG Questions Man has been ‘asking’ for as long as we know…. {Remember when we are AS-KING we are acting…

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Board of Education

Education today is just another extension of the political system. Children are lead off each day into the prison of a…

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Every Philosophy ever religion and wisdom tradition we know of all talk to us about a veil of illusion that…

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ISMS and Schisms {Or SCHISM ISM}

What if everything we have ever been told and taught by so called authorities were completely inaccurate? The key to get…

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Source of the Universe

The Source of the Universe is within you. It is not a being but an essence, it is essence that gives…

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As Above So Below

One of the most often quoted terms in spoken language comes from the Emerald Tablets by Hermes. The Egyptian attributed…

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