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    Friday,December 14th 2018
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What Is A Mystic? The Manifesto.What Is A Mystic? The Manifesto.

This website is in ongoing project dedicated to opening up and making the many aware of their own innermost desire.
Why is there so much questioning today?

Questioning values, rules, laws, religions;
questioning the whys, and hows of what was once taken for granted and believed to be tried and true?

Why? People only begin to seek new ways when the old ones are no longer working – either because they are dysfunctional or because they are untrustworthy or because they just never really did work to begin with.

So people seek new means to answer old questions (which have never been answered) and promote their quest for truth, efficiency and growing effectiveness.

This is called “Evolution”.

But when these questions take on the value of their innermost desires, then their questions can no longer be answered by anyone but themselves.
To get answers, questions must be explored, they can no longer just remain questions any longer, they must become action: in the form of experience, research, self inquiry and introspection.
So we are proposing that deep questioning must arise before one may realize their true desire.

Hence, “What is a mystic?” Is an integral question to do with fulfilling the ultimate question: “What is my deepest innermost desire”?

If you think you know the answer, stop right there!

You see there are questions that can be answered in words; but this question can only be truly answered through direct experience within your heart!

To realize the true meaning of “What is a mystic”; one first needs to realize what it is inside us that desires answers to unanswerable questions. What is it inside us that knows more than we do? And it is this that is just waiting for the chance to open up, be felt and speak while being listened to…

Throughout all time, hearts and souls of mystics were exactly those who recognized this inner calling, for what it was. And they got answers, because they did something about it.

This website was designed exactly for the purpose of guiding of others to find the information, materials, texts, psychic technology, sacred objects, and everything that could inspire the return of the Inquirer to their mystical home.

Therefore, we have included inspiring stories, essays and aphorisms along with helpful links that may aid in opening us to a new way; new way of questioning and answering and finding truth in silence, in the silence within ourselves as the universe.

Each of us may find a new way with each step of the path. In fact, the step you are taking now is the path! Further even more emphatically “you are the path!”

The quest of the human heart seeking truth in the limited human mind is is the cause of disillusionment called the human condition today.
Most of us today recognize there are so many unanswerable questions. But we fail to see how this affects us and our lives, directly.
So many let themselves become even more lost in following other lost souls, this only adds to the momentum of their disillusionment.

The blind leading the blind.

Everyone is looking for something!

When you ask “What is a mystic”? You may as well be asking “Who am I”? Or even “What is life”?

These questions are avoided by professionals of all types: especially by professors of higher learning. It seems everywhere we look, we mature adults who have no time for spirituality or we find only clues, answers alluded to, or half questions left unanswered.

How sad it is, the worship of shallowness is on the rise.

The main reason why so many of us avoid the serious questions of life is because the first thing this type of questioning brings up is peoples regret or their fear to recognize how much of their lives they have lost in denial, in repeating the same painful patterns and the grief when they/we recognize the disillusionment they/we carry like emotional baggage.

So too seeing how this has turned to resentment within us, effected our life choices, relationships and health, maybe difficult at first; but in time we bounce with it! We all begin to accept these difficulties as challenges and eventually, We interpret them as opportunities to transform.

I am sure that you have recognized this in many people in your life, yes? It is unfortunate that the majority of human beings suffer from regret, remorse, grief and resentment.

This is one mistake we knew we would never make!

So you see it is one of the goals of this website to share from a lifetime dedicated to and devoted to the spiritual realization of the mystic through meditation, inquiry, self inquiry, and spiritual mental emotional healing which also includes channeling music, painting, sculpture, poetry, philosophy, teaching and facilitating mysticism in others or healing.

I guess this all could have been summed up much more simply by just saying “I have devoted my life to opening the heart”.

We dedicate this site as an offering to all who are ready to receive it. It is an offering of stimulating and inspired words that are designed to take you beyond the level of information (beyond the level of the relative mind).

It is designed to share resources, and creative insights into the process of exploring mysticism. Let this be the door to your higher perception.

We are here to celebrate life. Here we integrate philosophy, literature, poetry, religion, art, music, synchronicity, crystalline formations, sacred objects, unlimited healing modalities, psychic technology, one-on-one sessions, soul retrievals, yogic arts, transformative response, all through the opening of the heart to self realization and expanding consciousness.

Here! The sky is the limit! Or rather the limitless!

We leave no stone unturned, all that we offer personally and impersonally is in everyone’s highest interest. This is our intention. Humbly if we do not completely fulfill everyone’s perception of this, let us know and we’ll do our best to interact, update and personalize our response therapy program in an interactive website format.

All that we offer is especially picked to inspire the mystic within you.

We are fortunate to be able to share an ABUNDANCE of enriching, and inspiring wealth of wisdom, knowledge and most importantly, we take pleasure in giving personal recommendations during our sessions.

Our supreme interest is in the quality of life. Not only celebrating, but maintaining this quality, as well as bringing healings to others who are in need of assistance!

Although it may seem mundane or trivial, everything has its place and everything has its purpose. Therefore, we honor each person’s interests and where they place their values.

We here, at “Whatisamystic.com” thoroughly enjoy being the intermediary that will continually help you find yourself through new updated and inspiring articles as well as objects that will help you find the way to experiencing of your innermost desire, we are all so passionately searching for.

The deep inner aspects of our life’s course and our introspection upon this and how we integrate our blossoming enlightenment through the simple and basic aspects of our life is our foremost focus.

However, it is also important to integrate our worldly necessities and instruments or tools that are helpful with our practice, into our lives.

We would also like to invite you to read our articles and transcendental tales, which will be continually updated and added to, so keep your eyes open for new input.

There are some stories, some books that are more than just an accumulation of words into an entertaining drama. It is these type of articles manifesting this sacred quality, that we will be most assuredly willing to publish.
{Included in this ever expanding compilation is the Tao The Ching by Lao Tzu, with interpretation and extensive commentaries by Antonin, as well as the Guru Gita which will be available in sample form or in their entirety for a small fee.}

Some text, tales, poems and songs have a power instilled into them all their own.
This is precisely the type of lucid lyricism that we are and will be featuring
on this website; “Whatisamystic.com?”
… we’ll be answering the question in as many facets as possible

Simply for sharing and furthering the expanding of consciousness on the organic plane!

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