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    Thursday,January 24th 2019
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All The World’s a Stage!

All The World’s a Stage implies so much wisdom and insight if one but looks into the reflective pools of inner heart consciousness.

“All the world’s a stage and all the men and women mere players. They have their exits and their entrances and one man in his time plays many parts, his acts being seven ages.”

From this brilliant quote from Shakespeare, we can deduce that good ole Will is pointing us to have a look at the drama of our lives. He is literally reducing the quality of our independent lives into one performance!

What is he really getting at?

We are all a world of actors!

What more can this mean?

The human comedy is a catastrophe and a tragedy combined.

The human condition is such that our free will has been so hindered, hampered and obscured from our full access that we are all really only playing out roles that have been pre-written for us.

Everyone has had this strange feeling of being watched? We all have also had this strangely familiar and uncanny feeling called ‘déjà vu’ that we have been in this place before or enacted these same events in the past. This is true to a large extent.

In the middle east, Arabia and Persia the saying, “It is written” has been spoken and believed in for countess thousands of years. What this saying refers to is the faith of the believer in a predestined fate we are living out. In India this is often referred to as the wheel of karma. In Christian thought and belief the idea of paying for your sins, is a must in order to make up for some unperceived fault called “original sin,” which is accepted as a necessary evil we all must endure in order to go to heaven after death.

The ancient Egyptians believed in their immortal gods that had the power to rule in the afterlife. These living beings would find favor with some and disdain with others. It is said and still believed today {in most religions} that we are promised the greatest reward of an eternal seat with the immortals of some unknown infinite satisfying heavenly delights for being good little boys and girls or for adhering to the judgment of their will in this life.

This is none other than the surrendering of our free will up to those that would oppress us. As our oppressors these “Self proclaimed gods” are merely equals to us that have decided to ‘play god’ with humanity as their scapegoat.

It is a weakling that takes advantage of an ignorant or helpless child.

The free will has countless impediments infused into our subconscious minds to bring all of us into a supreme submission to the suppression of our freedom, empowerment and therefore open ourselves up to infiltration in such a way as it is unbeknownst to us.

The truly faithful do not ask questions and follow blindly these precepts handed down by the predator mind conditioning dominators oppressing humanity.

Here in the light of day are your “Gods” and their agenda.

We are all playing out a role they have prescribed for us.

However, there are a certain few that have swayed from their plans and are beginning to see through their subterfuge with the abundant help from the earth mother essence that is actively raising the vibrational frequency of this world so as to awaken us to the mass oppression we have been so well programed not to recognize!

Many of the choices we make have been made for us.

This is the nature of the stage we walk on, unknowing it is a stage!

Many of the relationships we have that we look back on and wonder why we were ever attracted to these people were really subconscious contracts driving us to act.

Shakespeare saw far more than he is saying directly as so many other visionaries…

Our discernment has been so immensely obscured that we have no way yet of telling the difference between love and an infatuation that has been projected into our consciousness from outside of us.

Still less discernment to see through the deeply layered contracts, agreements and obligations we hold in our cellular memory.

The choices we act upon maybe your own but the limitations of ‘what you have to choose from’ are a pre-inscribed program beyond our ability to access.

This is determined by the predators of the astral realm and where the cause of all our issues are derived from.

Essentially from one degree to another we are following a script.

Many religious people believe in a plan of the universe that which all things must follow. Others believe in the laws of the universe which uphold a certain order necessary to maintain creation as we know it.

These lies are all deeply seeded programs that keep us in the dark as to what is really going on in our minds and in our world.

In the ‘New Age Religion’ it commonly understood that there are life contract etc. But we are taught that these contracts are ‘God’s will’ and must be followed.

This is the greatest lie humanity has swallowed.

We’ve been trying to vomit it back up ever since…

The surrender of personal power is not necessary for any purpose except to be dominated as slaves by others.

A perfect example of this is our life contracts, our contracts to have certain relationships with only certain partners that have been chosen for us.

If one were to see the movie “The Adjustment Bureau” one would get just a glimpse of just how insidious our lives have been infiltrated, written for us and just how we are being molested without cause or reason.

The story line is similar to our life contract idea where if we were to veer off from what has been written for us to live, namely our role in the drama to be played out on this stage.

Then, unbeknownst to us, we get very slickly guided back to our original prewritten path that has been chosen for us. Sound familiar?

The more resistance we pose to the agents of re-programing the more force they are delegated to use to force us back into the timeline of our life’s plan all under the guise that this is the will of some supreme being that exists outside of us and therefore must be so above us he has no time for any of us personally.

This is the whole separation support system in a nutshell.

The whole hierarchy system that also separates all of us in different factions and different levels giving some certain abilities and others burdens.

Where do you think this same set up in our world came from?

Who has given these beings power and jurisdiction over us?

Clearly there is no one to give us up but ourselves!

Essentially then they have taken it unwillingly or by forceful trickery.

Look around you! You see people everywhere self seeking outside themselves for what invariably disappoints and dissatisfies them.

This state of separation is all a part of the act!

The actors are so lost in their roles they no longer think or remember they are acting.

This theme has been explored by those artists interested in getting this message across.

Rod Serling presented an episode of the “Twilight Zone” depicting this very subject.

This place we live in, in our minds is like an in between zone somewhere outside ourselves but yet we ourselves. This is like being asleep and being awake at the same time!

{“see article: What Is Sleep?”}

It is very like an old episode of “The Outer Limits”. We are sleep walkers moving from one level of unconsciousness to another but never truly wake up!

This is the mass hypnosis known as the human condition. In the east this is called Maya, or illusion. We have been imprisoned in a mental cage of ignorance and as long as we continue to ignore the truth we are feeding into the ignorance mongers that love one thing only.

The astral parasites love to live through us!

They do this is so many insurmountable ways but it’s all the same! It is possession!

{see the article “The Matrix Five Possession Program.”}

Those good little lost souls that follow the program best are awarded with one lifetime every few thousand of suffering to being allowed to be rich, beautiful and famous. Like the movie stars we see.  But don’t be fooled by their illusion of material success they too are suffering from this massive possession program!

Whatever we are promised after death or before birth by these parasites, it’s all lies!

No one thing is ever given without ten fold being taken in return…

This “World of actors” is strengthened by the addiction to pretending that is so totally awesome! We have been completely indoctrinated into a mind warp, to constantly pretend that everything is alright just so that we will continue to endure more ever increasing painfully toxic levels of separation.

This common coping mechanism is what the article “Nation of Addicts!” is about.

We are living in a dream state and by having more and more children we are passing on a dynasty of denial to our future generations. Nothing good can come from this adherence to the addiction to pretending “It’s all good!”

Not only are we playing out roles, but we are participating in various roles. An extreme example of this is the multi-personality mental disorder.

Every human has a tiny bit of this. But without the awareness of what is happening to us this tiny bit will and is increasing.

Every human being that has ever reacted strongly to a situation for no given reason that they can access will be aware that this reaction really was not them at all but was a programed response taking them over!

Eckert Tolle tells us “There is a living entity within each of us he calls the ‘pain body’ that wakes up, takes us over, feeds on the pain caused by the reactive mode and then goes back to sleep again when it is filled up on our energy.”

He likens the “pain body” to a cunning and vicious animal that has always got one eye open ready to pounce when we are at our most vulnerable!

Does this horrify you?  It should!

Why? Because deep down we know there is truth in this madness!

This is one part of the “separate sense of self syndrome” we are all experiencing when we cannot turn off our thoughts.

Until we realize to watch the thinker in the head is not enough for us to transmute this pain body, the entity in the head and all those that derive their life energy through us. We will all be and remain stuck in having to go through the same scenarios over and over again, lifetime after lifetime for as long as our captors can get away with it!

In Buddhism we see the idea of “Kalpas” as being the unit of time that will be required for us to work out all of our issues. This unit of time can be likened to the amount of grains of sand on the earth; and that ridiculously large number is the amount of lifetimes of our planet we can look forward to have to suffer for, till we can become free from the madness of soul domination!

Not a very happy thought.

Clearly this doesn’t have to be true if we wake up just enough to act on the negative influences that possess the human mind.

Returning to source reality is never really an option stated by any of these ancient religions. Why do you think that this is not so?

The no way out scenario is what they have been designed to make up to make us feel just how impossible it is to get free or to ever know the truth.

This is the point of infiltration into all religions and the dogma of the end of the world scenario.

Jean Paul Sartre wrote an incredible play called “No Exit” that is another classic revealing just these same issues…

This world is a stage where the director will never allow the play of his drama to end!

The cycle of death and rebirth is an artificial imposition put upon the human soul!

It is these same self proclaimed gods that do rule in the afterlife.

There is no real afterlife as we have been pre-programed to perceive it as.

The schizophrenic human split mind knows itself to be whole deep down. Yet we are separate as long as we are unable to enter our true self awareness from being manipulated not to do so, or not to remember how to…

As long as we are we unable to remember we are at their mercy.

After the death of the body we are not supposed to go up into the astral realm {The false heaven}, where the astral parasites are awaiting our souls to do more of their nasty business to.

After death we are supposed to return to our one true sovereign source reality not by going up into some hierarchy of gods and other monstrous mentally maniacal egoic construct but going within ourselves and down into the source of our consciousness.

Going down into the core of the earth. We ground and go so deeply into the heart of the universe we return to source reality as the ancient Taoists did. By getting underneath the thoughts, underneath the emotions and below all that is, re-entering into the “ground of all being!” This is our true home!

This is where the act and the script ends permanently.

This is the eternal Tao.

The heart with the center of our being is the center of the universe that appears to be multiplistic but is the frequency of oneness!

Oh yes this is home!

This is the only way out of living a “pre-written script life’ instead of living a real life! Getting from living like an automaton, an actor on a stage, performing like a ventriloquist’s dummy! Playing out a role like a nation of acting fools, thespians following orders like the slaves we have been made to think we are!

It has been written and we have the eraser! Cancelation of all that binds us is inevitable!

Free at last!!! Free at last!!! Free at last!!!

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