What is A Mystic What is A Mystic
    Tuesday,March 26th 2019
    2:08 am

Answering Unanswerable Questions

The BIG Questions Man has been ‘asking’ for as long as we know….

{Remember when we are AS-KING we are acting AS KING.}

Questions like “What is Life?

“Why are we here?”

“Why do we die? What is DEATH? Where do we go? Where did we come from?”

“What is the purpose of Life? Why do we live grow old suffer and die?”

“Why do we forget where we came from before we were born?”

“Why do we all have different belief systems and some are shared?”

“Why do some people get sick while others live charmed lives?”

“Why do we ask questions even when we do not get the answers?”

Why, are we all equal but do not feel this way?

“What is destiny or fate?”

“Why are people not involved or feel helpless in the making of their life situations?

Answering the Unanswerable… No small chore unto itself…

The whole purpose of ‘What is a Mystic?’ is to give an answer or to endeavor to answer these Unanswerable Questions! {By way of stimulating the Heart and the will to open up to new possibilities and therefore to our true potentiality}.

One may wisely ask, “How can one answer the UNANSWERABLE??

This is why we said endeavor as words are not sufficient to do so…

But by implication, by suggestion and by the realization coming through the words we will get across to any specific reader what it is they are ready and capable to hear, feel hence to ascertaining….

We will also add as many different viewpoints as we can that go with this direction we have access to.

As there are no perfect words to answer all the mysteries of the universe…

We will not be attempting to give a scientific theory backed with hard evidence.

{As there is none.}

We will be speaking to the HEART of everyone in their HEART of HEARTS.

Yet we will be speaking to you from direct experience of years of practice.

The power of suggestion will take precedence over the literal in many cases so as to reach into a deeper zone of where these truths can only be truly known…

We have a lot of information backed by fact but it is the goal of this site to go beyond this and to draw together the reality of the enigmatic with the reality of our experience of directly feeling within.

So the wording will not be as we have been taught what literature, science or history ought to be etc.…

In this enigmatic universe in the cosmic science of the spirit, we will refrain from proofs and provide the viewer with some cross referencing and most of all… an enigmatic answer to concrete questions, as well as concrete answers to certain enigmatic questions which appears to be the only possible way to achieve our goal of contributing to the waking up process of those here to do so…

Even if we bring a tiny particle of something unseen or unknown into view…

Something seemingly irrelevant can go a long way, it is still far more than we anticipated…

Then if that is what our limited awareness can arise to unfold in us and bring to light!

So be it! The effort was never in vain but in the service of awakening….

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