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    Friday,December 14th 2018
    8:02 am

As Above So Below

One of the most often quoted terms in spoken language comes from the Emerald Tablets by Hermes. The Egyptian attributed to originating all Western Culture, Art and Science.

{Isn’t it ironic that an Egyptian is the founder of Western Culture? So too, known as a Greek God?} The East and the West really have no barriers except those chosen to separate minds and hearts. “As above so below, as below so above. As within so without, as without, so within. As the universe so the Soul as the Soul so the universe.” Is the actual quote. What remains to our ears is, “As above so below.” Tacit omission is a lie.

The original meaning is obscured, like most other writings and wisdom traditions, texts and scriptures which also have been tampered with to mean something other than they were meant to.

“As Above So Below” really is pointing us to what can be more accurately said as: “As Within So Without.”

Oddly enough this line cannot be found in most of the translations.

It is as if some much later Western philosophers got hold on this master piece and cut it to shreds to their liking. The Western Mind refuses to think that being without can be a positive thing….

‘Without’ here does not refer to lack but rather to the negative space that allows all things to be. This can be cross referenced with the ancient Chinese understanding of the Tao.

The ‘Greek God’ title identifies us with a creativity in art from outside of ourselves that comes from the above. {Example the Muse Myth.} This program was added later by rulers to control or limit understanding and the power of the original text from being felt as the true meaning of the Tablets.

In one line left out the change in meaning is obviously from within toward an outward source.

The great deceivers throughout time have developed a mastery of the art of deception not by creative means but by limiting the creativity of others and stealing what they could to be used to CONTROL.

The distortion in this statement has been deliberately placed there to give us the opinion that religion is the origin of art and science. Today there is much more proof of this, only as it has become this way long after the face and probably due to the dogma which was the original intention to rob truth from us.

But originally the statement ‘As Within So Without’ was meant to make us realize we have to remember what is inside of us is the true god and nowhere else.

But religion came along and took this as well as countless other truths and made them into something they are not. The program is simply to identify with the ‘AS ABOVE SO BELOW’ CONCEPT NOT THE TRUE POINT BEING MADE…. TAKING US AWAY FROM OUR CENTER HENCE SUPPORTING THE SEPARATION WE FIND IN THE HEAVEN ABOVE {BEYOND US}, AS THE EARTH BELOW {LESSER THAN GOD} PERCEPTION GIVES US.


This dogmatic program seeks to institute the GOD COMPLEX in the head, as above us and therefore far more than who we are! We are therefore outside our spirit, or it is outside of us. Both…

This is the separate sense of self; which is what people are worshiping when they pray to the False GOD instituted as ABOVE AND THEREFORE HIGHER MUST MEAN BETTER! So too LOWER IS LESSER OR UNWORTHY. This establishes duality in us and in the universe as a fixed constant which it is not. This could not be any more in opposition to the truth.

Hermes was not interested in this type of dogma which is why he cut to the chase in his work. To elaborate:

Everything ABOVE as we are instructed to be in heaven is really not anything more than the astral plane.

This plane as one climbs up into it does not take us to the God of Love… out there somewhere.

It does however connect us with the False Gods that seek to control the human race and for the most part are!

You will come to know and see that this idea ‘more is better’, ‘higher is greater’ or to go up or to fly is the ultimate goal is really only a manipulation supporting a false hierarchy!

All religions are talking about going up to GOD!

This is the distortion known as the “As Above So Below” program! Not the true meaning of Hermes. What does this ‘As Above So Below’ program really mean?

It means that the dysfunction above in the astral is creating much of the dysfunction here below!

The more we go up looking for what is already within us the further we get from our goal and the more we fall deeper into the programed response mechanism of the Matrix Mind Complex!

It is this mechanism that is the source of all conditions of separation.

The program of the Matrix is most relevant in religion that separates us from our deep inner knowing by having us reach out and pray to what they are telling us is God but it is their God not the True Source of the Universe which once again can only be accessed from within us!

Therefore, the ‘As Within So Without’ realization had to be squashed.

If we were to access this our one true reality our perception would completely return to our essence! We would see through the lies and take back our rightful place in charge of our own lives.

This had to be stopped at all costs. So we can see much of our documentation has been erased.

Our essence is so powerful we would instantly begin to clear up these illusions and see through the veils of illusion.

Religion is all about power and domination over others for CONTROL.

Religion created money to control, government to legalize punishment and war to initiate fear.

So we see the why, of why there is very little self-conscious awareness among us, is because the conditioning we are identified with is so powerfully forcing us to have to disregard what is within to be totally distracted by the world without or about us.

The externally focused surface reality is not what it seems to be. Here we have become lost.

True self seeking within remains seeking {without finding} if one is not aware of what the difference is between the light of the heart and the false light of what is impeding that innermost heart light from coming through. No one has this discernment without being able to compare the two.

Who can say they know the difference between the False Light and their own inner Light? This can take years of self-analysis and self-inquiry of inward study.

To access the heart essence is where it begins. Then the subconscious mind. This where the work begins….

“As Within So Without…”

By changing that which is within us changes what is outside us.”

By changing what is below or ourselves so too can we change above or what is trying to dominate us! A parasite cannot feed upon one whose frequency is beyond their ability to feed one.

This is the inner work of a few such individuals involved in sourcemetacine.

{If you are interested, we will be posting an original translation with a comprehensive commentary of the original “Emerald Tablets” by Hermes Trismegistus. Stay tuned for what truths are to be revealed in these new versions of these tablets.}

So too we are expecting to be have the sole post of the new version according to this way of reading of: “The Kybalion” said to be written by Hermes and brought to us by the 3 initiates in 1912, which is really an incomplete translation of the Hermetic oral tradition with a number of incomplete aspects as well as other types of dogmatic doctoring through the ages, which will be resurrected and corrected for an extensive overview. Prior there will be an introductory sample….

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