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    Tuesday,March 26th 2019
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Astrology, Not Necessarily Your Fate

“It is written in the stars!” Have you ever heard an Astrologer give you this story?

Well what sounds like a lot of bull, really is in an odd way has some truth.

But not in the way they mean or we may think they mean!

Our star charts are somewhat accurate according to the time and exact location of our birth which lines up with where the stars fall into place at that given time.

This is a way of reading one’s karma. Wither it is your fate really depends on if you believe it is and surrender to this perspective or not.

The truth about astrology is this life we are living is a script we are unconsciously following. Goodbye free will! Is what fate really means.

Astrology is an ancient science based on reading these star charts and predicting the future events that would unfold in one’s life due to the magnetic pull of the stars.

But this gets to be super mental like all sciences have and that got out of control.

The real deal is that the Jyotish prescriptions of wearing certain gemstones can actually be helpful to those that want to avoid repeating certain painful patterns.

But why has our life story or script been written in the stars?

Who is it that has done the writing?

Well this is going to prove to be quite a bit for most logical thinkers out there, but it needs to be said. {Please keep your comments to yourself! Laughter!}

The truth is what we see at night is not really what is up there in what we call outer space. We are viewing the firmament, which is kind of holographic projection and those stars are not many suns like ours.

So too the earth plane or third density is not a planet as it has been defined to us…

Nikola Tesla“EARTH is a realm; it is not a planet. It is not an object, therefore, it has no edge. Earth would be more easily defined as a system environment. Earth is also a machine; it is a Tesla coil. The sun and moon are powered wirelessly with the electromagnetic field (the Aether). This field also suspends the celestial spheres with elector-magnetic levitation. Electromagnetic levitation disproves gravity because the only force you need to counter is the electromagnetic force, not gravity. The stars are attached to the firmament.”—Nikola Tesla



The planets in our solar system are not like the earth at all!

The planets are gaseous and not solid mass therefore nothing like our earth.

They are merely manipulations of the elements.

Just like everything else in the physical universe.

So then how does astrology play into these so called planetary bodies so intimately?

Astrology is merely a subconsciously impregnated belief system, contractually secure, that ensures each human soul while incarnate to follow a certain protocol laid out and set up for us prior to our birth.

Wither we agreed implicitly or explicitly makes no difference because the effect remains a constant block that utterly negates much of our free will and is hampering our ability to make decisions based upon our inner most feelings.

These type of contracts include who our relationships will be with, according to who will bring up the most reactions emotional, or otherwise. What ensues is bickering and so on… this goes for and is especially true for our family and genetic line. Which we have been hornswoggled into believing are the very best of people for us to be born into!

For each person there are different contracts reflected in the sky that denote our life events that will occur.

These contracts of coarse include every aspect of life.

No stone has been left unturned!

So buried are these subconscious implants and the fragmentation that is a direct cause of them; that it has completely eluded the majority of humanity for quite some time now.

With all this programing we now can see the stars are just another aspect of how our lives have been engineered for us!

“That is written in the stars” can be erased and rewritten…

The whole “Saturn return” is an awful example of just how much we as souls have been tampered with and damaged by adhering to these insidious programs. We have been told ‘playing out these roles’ are necessary for us to work out our “karma” through these conflicting ideas and experiences.

The karma we carry is not always our own.

We have been implanted with so much nasty garbage that most people have no idea why they feel bad when they do.

Most folks accept there is nothing they can do about their karmic predicament so they surrender to the suffering that is so prevalent and all pervading all around them.

The events of our lives have been set up in this way to maintain suffering!

To maintain suffering as the norm allows humanity to be dominated without our knowing that we are!

People in sanitariums, murderers on death row and others all hearing voices in the head are pushed off as looney. But why are they insane?

People are called “insane” when no one knows what else to do with them!

So we hide away those suffering the most in order to pretend everything is all alright.

When people die untimely or horrible deaths, what do we say?

“It was their time!”

People love to make these blanket statements that are supposed to end the conversation when inquisitive questions are asked of them that they can’t even remotely begin to answer. So they immediately step back into this mental stance that they go to every time their comfort zone appears to be threatened!

This is why no one is asking the right questions until it’s to late! {on their death bed.}

Astrology is not only a sign but it is ‘proof positive’ that this prewritten script in the head is getting played out unbeknownst to the role player.

Without a free will we are all role players. {See article “All The World’s A Stage”.}

This idea can be read as akin to the eastern idea of “we are all asleep” and to wake up from the dream of life one must end the role playing and the false identification with that role.

Astrology’s role is one of a religious nature to many who believe it is a far closer to science than the manipulative distrust they find in religious circles!

To many people astrology has taken the place of their free choices because once they hear an accurate reading of their chart by a specialist, then they resign themselves to believe that this is their fate in this life and this must be their purpose therefore who they truly are!

Never taking into consideration that only they really know who they are and only they can decide what they want to do and choose for their lives!

This is a type of faith in an external authority over one’s own inner knowing hence it is religious and unhealthy.

However, it is a good idea to check out these readings because if they are accurate then one is given a nice little read out of their patterns that they then can choose to break from! Use the clue to get a clue.

This would be a healthy way to use an astrological reading!

I have seen this work for people and I personally have worked in this way and for others that really love crystals and desire to work with them by prescribing Jyotish gemstones as stated earlier which can help with planetary influences.

It is a good thing when one goes to an astrologist and they are good enough to tell you that you have transcended the karma you have come into this world with.

But be wary, this too could also be another part of the programing feeding in to the egocentric part of the mind that needs approval, validation and to be set apart, in other words to be special!

Being special is exclusivity and all exclusivity is detrimental to growth.

So we can see it is our work to look deeply at our programs in order to overcome them.

It is vital we use everything that has been used against us and turn the tables so to speak. This is the process of healing I like to call transforming the obstacle into a vehicle!

We can use astrology in this same way until we have rendered all of it’s hooks emotional or otherwise ineffectual upon our mind, body, free will or conscious awareness of our true soul nature!

Cheers to any and everyone that undertakes this true purpose in living!

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