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    Tuesday,March 26th 2019
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The Illusion of Fighting the MATRIX

The Illusion of Fighting the MATRIX feeds the MATRIX. This is in response to humanity’s lost victory. Whenever we fight, we have lost before we begin! Before we move forward, one should be aware that calling them “Archons” empowers them! They are astral parasites, or ankle biters, as our friend Cameron calls them. They are not great lofty beings we read about in fantasy stories, they are putrid vermin. It seems that much science fiction and fantasy has been influenced by these parasitic beings. They would like us to live in a fantasy world of their making, and much of…

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The Easy Way Out

Conscious Choices are extremely important! As we have seen, making poor choices can bring back all of the clearing work we have done. This is something that is vitally important to recognize. With the outbreak of poor choices related to the Love Bite, False Light Healers, Ego Channeled Readings, we are seeing our friends and groups being targeted by the Matrix Mind. Alarmingly, this is only the beginning. Whenever we choose to follow the ‘Easy Way Out’, we are making bad choices. This is normal for most people without true keen discernment. Even all our greatest intentions are constantly being…

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Bursting the Bubble!

Just as language is one step away from our thoughts, thoughts are another further step away from our intentions… Each step away we get, the bigger the bubble of who we are grows. The more we bubble up, the further we are able to perceive who we are at our essence! What we experience outside of us, whether on the computer screen, looking at the stars at night, or anything in the outside world, is a far cry from what it is like to be fully in our bodies. Being fully in our bodies, allows us to experience our senses…

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Nation of Addicts!

We are one people! We are one world! Yet we have been separated! Someone once told me, “I am whole!” This is true but when they said it, it was not true. Human beings are a fragmented lot. The psyche has been shattered, scattered, splintered and utterly fragmented from being traumatized. Our culture reflects this traumatic separation most vividly… First, it is in every aspect of our culture that reflects our consciousness. Most evident in literature and even by the necessity of the use of words we are splitting our consciousness into separate parts. By believing in these false archetypes…

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As Above So Below

One of the most often quoted terms in spoken language comes from the Emerald Tablets by Hermes. The Egyptian attributed to originating all Western Culture, Art and Science. {Isn’t it ironic that an Egyptian is the founder of Western Culture? So too, known as a Greek God?} The East and the West really have no barriers except those chosen to separate minds and hearts. “As above so below, as below so above. As within so without, as without, so within. As the universe so the Soul as the Soul so the universe.” Is the actual quote. What remains to our…

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Source of the Universe

The Source of the Universe is within you. It is not a being but an essence, it is essence that gives rise to being and nonbeing. Being the Source there is NO Persona, NO need for anything more…Just essence beyond understanding. This has been called mental but it further down and far deeper. Rather it is the Source of mind as consciousness! What lies beyond understanding? But the Source of it? Beyond the mind there are emotions and below them are subtle energies and at the bottom of all things there is the essence of all that is real and…

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ISMS and Schisms {Or SCHISM ISM}

What if everything we have ever been told and taught by so called authorities were completely inaccurate? The key to get us to believe in their “FACTS” was the presentation of a new technology that gave and still gives us all the CONVENIENCES of life we now feel deprived of, if we were to live without! Not to mention the short term value of the information we accepted to be true forever? The facts of certain household items such as appliances, cars etc… was presented to us as a way out of suffering and definitely given us a lot of…

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Every Philosophy ever religion and wisdom tradition we know of all talk to us about a veil of illusion that has over taken out ability to know or to know ‘self’ clearly without impedance. In India it is called Maya, illusion as well as the mother of Buddha. Maya is the illusion we are all lost in… Samsara is the world that gets created by our involvement in the veil of illusion. Everything we think, feel and do is all a part of samsara. Samsara is known by many names in every language…. In the Christian, Islamic and Jewish {Abrahamic…

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Answering Unanswerable Questions

The BIG Questions Man has been ‘asking’ for as long as we know…. {Remember when we are AS-KING we are acting AS KING.} Questions like “What is Life? “Why are we here?” “Why do we die? What is DEATH? Where do we go? Where did we come from?” “What is the purpose of Life? Why do we live grow old suffer and die?” “Why do we forget where we came from before we were born?” “Why do we all have different belief systems and some are shared?” “Why do some people get sick while others live charmed lives?” “Why do…

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What is Sleep?

What is Sleep? Is there one answer to this deceptively simple question? Like anything deep, the answer will be a multi leveled one. “What is Sleep?” Is a question being asked by every inquisitive person since before the appearance of the written word. No one seems to have the answer. However, the mystic does realize: The ability to understand anything as mysterious as the sleep state will require directly accessing that state consciously as well as subconsciously. What makes it mysterious and unknowable to us is its unconscious nature. Hence being actively awake during the DREAM STATE or the unconscious…

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The Ten Commandments

1.     “I am the Lord Thy “God” who has brought you out of the house of bondage!” Who is this “God” that is guilting us into making choices we need not make? What is this bondage we have been brought out of? Are we not still in bondage? To state these things is to be demanding, superior and even seeking payback. Is this the job of a superior being? What makes anyone superior to another? The word “who” is carefully placed in this sentence, so as to make it appear as this so called “God” or supreme being is a…

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Reclaiming Our Sovereignty, Our True Source Essence

Reclaiming our sovereignty, our True Source Essence Sovereignty is essential for exiting the illusion of “The Matrix Five Possession Program! The only way out is to disconnect ourselves from all emotional, mental, spiritual and physical hooks that give the designers and creators and maintainers of the corrupt demiurge consent to enter our fields, abduct our soul essence energy and to dominate our minds, bodies and souls… This requires focus, meditation, discipline and resolute determination! Practicing meditation in the “Universal Heart Sun Essence” that is present within the center of our chest is excellent and necessary for reestablishing our remembrance of…

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