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    Tuesday,March 26th 2019
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Board of Education

Education today is just another extension of the political system.

Children are lead off each day into the prison of a closed environment that teaches them to be subservient to the system.

The system does not teach us how to be good to each other but how to get over on everyone and anyone for one’s own gain.

This is the old “Greed is God” mentality being taught to our children as if it were the only way to live!

My friend Antonin did a series of art pieces in the 90s entitled:
“Leading the flock off to the spiritual slaughterhouse!”

Would you like your children to be the next in the ‘Sacrificial Lamb Line?

The Board of Education is a system within a system as are most institutions imposing the same programs under the guise of being different while bearing positive goals.

As stiff as a “BOARD!” This system is as inflexible as it gets and what we need here is flexibility.

The RIGID STANCE TAKEN by these ambassadors of ED to our little ones is highly toxic.

When we put children together in a classroom, what is this saying to them?

This tells them they must be subservient to the leader. This is the ‘Follow the Leader Mentality.’

They are being herded together, this tells them they are not to be trusted by themselves and they have to be watched at all times for their own good! {“Disempowerment” programing.}

Do you know what that does to their self-esteem?

‘Role Call’ is the meat count of how many and how much charge they can get from our energy to support the system that goes against our rights and natural way of living.

What role would you have you child be ‘type cast’ into playing believing it to be their own choice?

When role call is made, we are letting them be put in a category determined meaningless by numbers.

The role is known as the “Straw Man.”

Our future citizens are now statistics just as we are nothing more to the system than a social security number, a tax ‘ID’ number, a driver’s license number, of course a birth certificate number which is nothing more than a certificate of ownership making claim to our SOULS by the good old government of the US of A.

Copies of all this, credit card bills, bank records account statements and every large transaction we ever make, mortgage details etc, all have counter party copies that go to and are held in the Vatican and also by the Queen of England as well as by the Rothschild’s who run and own international banking.

Not to mention the Federal Reserve where Fractional Reserve Banking was founded.

They are selling us trillions of zeros with nothing to back it up not even cash.

It is the Gold Holders that appoint the leaders of the nations of the world.

Follow the Gold and you will find the source of the world’s problems.

This is what we all are expected to own and digest or rather really what owns US Legally by our own admission, by “Signing Your Life Away” as well as by our parents who have given us away energetically!

This facsimile of each of our numbers starting with pre-birth permits, baptism, religious affiliation, parents’ marriage certificates and so on…

All of these ownership papers are or contribute to what is known as the ‘Straw Man’.

The Straw Man is a part of you that the system now owns.

This illusionary straw self of you is far more real than most anyone has any idea of. It legally gives these gold hoarders the right to own you, control you and your children!!!

This false SELF they use to get your permission for all manner of consent given without your or your family’s permission! Contributes greatly to the suffering in the world and in the afterlife

The Educational System is set up to make everyone feel that this is all Normal and therefore OK!

They parade the children into a classroom and place before them a teacher that is a symbol of a dictator! They are presented with texts on why this is what teaching really is….

The teacher dictates the rules, the grades, the seating, the lesson plan, homework you name it.

It is only when the teacher names a student are they officially in class, hence officially and energetically under the protection which means the control of the state. Discipline is created by reverse psychology and not by fairness but by prejudice pitting one against the other.

A greater pressure is put upon the child that is expressive while the prejudice lessens according to the level of unquestioning compliance to the values of the systematic approach to the Drone/Clone relationship being produced as the archetype for all their future relationships.

The center of discipline is the front of the room at the chalk board.

The Drones sit before the Clone that regurgitates out what they have been programed to do and say.

This rigid BOARD symbol keeps showing up and repeating itself in so many shades of grey.

The blank slate is what the teaching within the words conditions our kids, first by erasing as much as they can of our individuality by putting anyone that sets themselves apart as ‘different; who is made to feel bad and be ridiculed because of it.

Kids catch on quickly and either follow blindly in fear of standing out, or they rebel and usually become marked as having a bad attitude to later follow an even more destructive path spurred on by this.

Here prejudice is created not blatantly but by segregation and subtly by the children not being taught to treat each other with equal respect because they too are not being respected!

The Rigid lesson plans set down by the religion of the state is nothing but useless information that instills slavery as the way of the world.

Teach children to read then give them books with no real application in life?

Conveniently they have stopped funding of the Arts programs, the Music programs and all creativity. What other reason do children have to go to school? It is for them is it not? Not at all!

Education Boards serve the STATE RELIGIONISTS.

If one takes a look at the new schools for our youth, they are the same design as our new prisons.

Could it be they have hired the same contractors to build both?

Saving the tax payer money on design short cuts? Not a chance! This is deliberate!

There isn’t anything that does not happen by design. There are no random accidents here in this agenda be-ridden arena.

All state institution’s Laws are mandatory by law including vaccines and no choices for the kids.

The arts and crafts are gone as well as auto mechanics and shop classes all gone! Along with them is the functionality of schooling long gone as well as any incentive for kids to want to go, to stay and to aspire to grow in a specific way of applying knowledge they take with them.

We all know there is mass corruption in government therefore we are expected to expect that to be the norm and therefore OK!? As all norms are there for a Good reason? Really? Of course not!

{These NORMS are there for a very BAD reason that goes against our rights, justice and freedom!}

But this is one of the underlying programs that goes a long way in the mind control of our youth which can be witnessed in the resultant mass apathy everywhere in our society today!

The mass apathy program is the helpless feeling of, “What can I do about it? Attitude….

If the teacher is the dictator, then the principle is the enforcer, the hit man or the authority above the authority we all can get to.

The principle {thug} answers to the Board of ED which is the International Bankers and so on up…

These are all symbolic of how we are teaching our children to be a part of a dysfunctional society.

Why do we all support this disturbing treatment of our kids?

We too all have been well programed to first think: believe we really have no other choice! This deeply engineered program extends to make us believe that this not only the best way but this is the ONLY WAY TO LIVE!

Hence to bring up our children to do so is not only important but we owe this to them.

{The owe and owner trip is a strong brain washing technique that really keeps people holding onto the dysfunction even after it is proven to not be working!}

The ED System is a miniature system reflecting bigger self-disrespecting system that blames society for all the atrocities that ONLY real people commit each and every day!

But you can’t bring to justice an idea or a system or society! Hence this excuse covers their tracks.

Our children see this up close as we are too blind to see it.

The shock and the trauma of putting kids into school for the first time is invariably one we hold and fragments us for life.

No matter what lie we were sold, trauma is not a necessary part of life!

What doesn’t kill you does not necessarily make you stronger but it does scare you and traumatize you and your ability to function in the world for life.

The whole premise of torture to brain wash people really works.

This despicable technique is being used on all of us through the power of suggestion and the creation of opinions, attitudes and emotional reactions instilled in us as children.

I can see just how clearly the great writers of the past hinted at this growing issue we now face as a full blown crisis in sensitivity and in sensibility.

The ‘Educational System’ is BREEDING ITSELF!

We are not breeding our children to have a quality of life but rather a mass epidemic of quantity.

The value of quantity mindedness is nil, but serves the dark agenda of mass control, always has.


The System is ‘Breeding’ itself into us through our children!

This is always true for every self-perpetuating mechanized and engineered construct.

Education proposes progress and higher learning but gives us more of the opposite!

It is a self-serving first step in the societal programing of the soldier mentality.

As soon as the kids get in the door of the classroom they are in the soldier mentality mode.

The teacher is the ‘Mon Capitan’ in charge welding our power and barking out orders and commands by fear of the ‘rightful’ punishment by the Law!
The Chains and Bars of the ‘Law’ have become the NEW GOD to FEAR!

The State sits at the right hand ready to smith you down.

We are taught divide and conquer is a great strategy for control but we are not told it is precisely what is and has been used on us! Ever being an ever growing self-perpetuating disease, written in contractual form, programing imperatives in our responsive conditioning program.

The Straw Man Contracts, has kept each of us blindly bonded to the grid no matter what we do to disconnect ourselves legally we cannot dislocate! There is too much of our energy tied up in them to release unless we are able to get below the root of this Systematic assault upon our freedom and cleanse ourselves of all the blocks, contracts and other bonds to those dictators that hold the keys to our truth, freedom and peace of mind.

{On a Court of Law the only option is to deny one is that person that is written on your birth certificate. If you do not admit to being factious person, the Straw Man you are not liable for any crime.}

As long as people hear of or read this and are applauded by the audacity of anyone ever intimating such things about their children, their culture, their belief systems then we or they are lost in the well=programed second stage or what they call plan B.

Plan B is the System of DENIAL that is only a mental construct that is the only reality we can ever know.

As long as we are all so identified with these programed constructs we are tools.

Just like the teacher, principles, politicians and our children are all tools!

Being subservient to a contracted way of life is the opposite of freedom it is concealed slavery!

The PLANNED Obsolescence of our ideals, morality and ethics are all too obvious.

The DENIAL SYSTEM too takes some very tricky turns in the new cognitive dissonance, programed response pattern we see everywhere PROMOTING THE DENIAL SYSTEM as normal.

We deny, abhor and resist the possibility of such dislikable activities would even be thought of.

We have been taught that denial feels good especially to defend a system that we know nothing of! {Except of course to experience the dysfunction thereof…} But are willing to give our lives for and you must be a communist if you don’t!

Yes people do still say this! Violence returned to attack fearful true information….

This fits right in to the plan. Setting us up against each other bickering instead of working together to unveil the facade that hides the truth that lies right in plain sight!

What has become NORMAL is so far from NATURAL! Quite a stretch!

Yet the stretch has been successfully made into what we fail to question and no one seems to even notice! Nor do we ever notice that thread is about to break the camel’s back and fall right on us!

Snap! There is not a thread to stand on yet people balance their lives of these promises, premises and ideals of what we are told to be the truth of what we are, what we want and how we should live.

No wonder why creativity is a thing of the past or rarely found in schools.

Take religion and all authority… Please take it!



This is the prototype. {We are sure there are some great and sensitive teachers out there but these are the rare individual and so far from the NORM that we are spurred on to continue…}

Children want to be creative when they are forced to be other than what comes natural to them. We have trauma, remorse, regret and resentment.

Here we see the SLAVE and SLAVE OWNER relationship being instituted right before our eyes!

When children feel punished by what these implementations bring they are stifled.

How is a living hell causing trauma being made to SEEM the right thing to endure to be Human?

We are being punished by the system supposedly created to serve us! But never was true.

For those more sensitive children there is mandatory therapy.

Here we see the rape of boundaries, the invasive use of mind control and drugs to make our kids pretend that they are fine and give off the false attitude of “Look Mom I’m all better!” in order to get out of further punishment for being different, or more obviously effected by the poor implementation of discipline and these mind games.

The child is from day one made to feel INFERIOR to the teacher or to elders in general!

Respect requires equality first that is where trust comes from.

Our schools are teaching us not to TRUST others therefore not ourselves.

Naturally the authority of the teacher must be upheld but not without sensitivity, creativity and compassionate flexibility for everyone concerned.

‘Healthy Discipline’ can be a healthy and respectful awareness on both sides of the interaction.

“Respect your elders!” We‘ve all heard that sneeringly retorted at us in hopes of getting us to conform to the plastic system of DENIAL! What it really means is the elder can do no wrong therefore they can do whatever they want.

The new fear teachers are put under is also another form contributing to the lack of true learning the distinction among students and teachers alike.

Everyone agrees the system of government is corrupt, but somehow it is allowed to go on…

Further why has not the corollary between the system of ‘Boring Education’ and the ‘Controlling Governmental Agencies’ been made and dismantled?

What does the GOVERN YOU MEN T have to do with education? Or real learning? REALLY? CONTROL!

‘GOVERN YOU MENTAL’? How else can we and our children be enslaved without us knowing it?

The “Don’t Make Waves attitude” contributes heavily to the FEAR induced Coma we are taught is a normal part of living in this world of sleep walkers.

We are all so afraid to be different, original or to just see things as they are because we might get caught!

As if knowing what is REAL is a crime!

It is a crime against ourselves to not know!!!

Not knowing is a huge part of the cover up smoke screened upon us by science, the media and everything we are taught in schools, colleges and everywhere you look!


Take a look around! How long can you go without picking up that plastic box of numbers?

{Exception is to go within, there in the Heart! There is a way out!}

If we do nothing? We are contributing to this avalanche of catastrophe.

As long as we agree to an unsafe and unfair system we are prey to it! And supporting it!

Board of EducationBy this time if we are not BORED of EDUCATION then we are a part of the problem!


No positive change ever came from a rigid stance on anything.

If we do not bend in the wind of change then we are broken by it!


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