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    Tuesday,March 26th 2019
    2:27 am

Bursting the Bubble!

Just as language is one step away from our thoughts, thoughts are another further step away from our intentions…

Each step away we get, the bigger the bubble of who we are grows.

The more we bubble up, the further we are able to perceive who we are at our essence!

What we experience outside of us, whether on the computer screen, looking at the stars at night, or anything in the outside world, is a far cry from what it is like to be fully in our bodies. Being fully in our bodies, allows us to experience our senses as completely as possible, which is a stepping stone to our inner most heart self-feeling.

What denotes being in our bodies is where our focus lies.

What we believe in colors our thoughts, as our thoughts color our feelings, as our feelings and emotions get caught up in these thoughts, we grow further and further away from our ability to know them as they truly are!

We are all living in a BUBBLE!

This Bubble is derived of the Rubble of reality, merely shadow-like remnants of what is real.

The further away our focus gets from our bodies, the further we are from life. The less we are focused in our bodies the more we feel separate from who we are. This is a vicious cycle spiraling downward or upward, in either case away from our center.

Did you ever notice this incredible pull on us mentally, emotionally and spiritually to go away from our centering self-awareness?  Yet, we are programmed to move away from our bodies and go into our heads.  We feel as if we are leaving and going away somewhere.  This is a type of escape, where we believe everything will turn out for the better.

This is the False Promise that underlies much of our motivations!

Well, in case you haven’t noticed, this False Promise is most assuredly there in the back of our minds.  This is an extremely prevalent pattern behind much of our thoughts, emotions, spiritual upbringing, and in everything around us, all the time.

This goes especially for what we call culture, and the lie in the mind placed there by the media, religion and other forms of programming.

We have been lead to believe that our whims must be satisfied instantly.

Instant gratification has become the new heaven sent answer to all problems.

Fly away with me! Go to God! Things are looking up! These are all traps!

Bursting the Bubble

What was once seen through as a shallow desire, or even a programmed want, is now what more people pursue than anything else. People pursue shallow pleasures more than they do what is personally uplifting like manifesting a creative life, enjoying what most inspires them, interacting with the earth, nature, community, art projects, music, exercise and other forms of wellness.

Instead, we see an overall distracting desire to avoid the simple things in life and to go out looking for something that will bring about an artificial elation, or bring about learned ideas of fitting in, or some shallow level of acceptance that is soon forgotten about with the same whim it was founded upon.

People are surface obsessed.

How they look seems more important than who they are!

In society, it seems that what you say is more important than who you are. It is who you portray yourself to be that seems to wipe away all accountability for what you have done.

Here, once again, we revert back to thoughts.  It is the way that people think of you that is more important than who you are.

People spend more time creating a false persona rather than experiencing life directly in their body.

This works greatly in favor of the criminals that run the world markets.

Boundary issues arise as never before when people are given permission to deface themselves and to be proud in doing it. All under the name of being cool, fitting in or being willing to compromise, or lie to get what they want.

Sexual promiscuity is another biggie that comes right out of this instant gratification world.

The Insane New World Order of instant gratification that never lasts and leads to disappointment is what is in vogue.

With it, more people spend money and energy on face lifts, status quo mansions, being politically correct, greed mongering, attacking racism while they themselves are the biggest racists, and so on….

The hypocrites rule this way of thinking that is not only catching on but has become an epidemic!

This sexuality meets fear, meets perversion, meets distain for the body, tells its tale in the massive drug abuse problems no one is doing a thing about.

The lack of boundaries is revealed by the huge number of people in America today with irritable bowel, worms and parasites, candida and other digestive disorders, like lupus, which are derived from a severely weakened sense of PERSONAL POWER!

PERSONAL POWER starts at home!


The further we get from the body we inhabit, the more our health issues increase.

This is the Health Crisis in a nutshell.

With the distain of the physical body, there is a remarkable heightened fascination toward unhealthy sexual experiences, especially in the use of seduction as a form of control.

This is the greatest addiction of all!

Not only does this addiction distract us from our bodies, it also separates us from our bodies. We do not realize that we are being separated when we are stuck in our heads. All addiction is about seeking ourselves outside our self. The object of desire promises us a complete self-satisfaction like no other.

What does this promise entail?

The promise of seduction is about conquering and CONTROL of the other’s willingness to be penetrated, used, and abused or whatever.

But the willingness is a more seductive element than any other to enhance the false sense of self EGO!

But as people know, after a long night of intimacy, we wake up in the morning with the same old problems, and the same old desire to do it again prevails in overtaking us… the victorious yet vicious cycle continues…

What does it accomplish?

Where does it end?

Does death end this insatiable desire?

No, death does not end desire. Metaphysical evidence shows that all the desires in this lifetime have been accrued over many lifetimes, as we are still doing the same thing.

Once the perversion of promiscuity fails to satisfy this growing dissatisfaction, newer ideas come up to be presented to us for the next phase of experimentation.

Some folks are in such a self-loathing phase that they hate their bodies.

This is the core issue of what we will call gender-impaired people.

This is not a judgement but a fair way to place this so called choice in perspective.

If we knew all the choices we make are not completely our own, we might have second thoughts in acting upon our desires!

People have no idea they have been played on every level of their thought/desire, actions they call free will. We all have been taught we have free will by those that have taken it!

The majority of young people experimenting with sex, gender bending, as well as homosexuality are not truly aware that what they are doing or think they are doing is something that has been engineered for them!

This goes for all people in every aspect of life. But since sex has been brought to the forefront of sociological concerns, we are using these as an example.


‘Male Chimerism’ is now being found to be quite a large contributing factor, to this ‘not so free’ choice we see so many making.

Chimerism is the presence of DNA, usually Male, in the body of another person.

People who really have no choice in their sexual preference are being controlled by contracts, manipulations and the Matrix Mind continuum infiltration.

In most instances when we meet someone we are attracted to, it is a contract going against our will coming up and taking over our thoughts and desires!

Generally, the reason why people do the things they do is because they are being unconsciously forced into it!

The cause of people trying out all of these different forms of ‘sexual self-expression’ is one not of creativity but one of domination.=, as all addiction are.

People that hate their bodies also hate themselves. This gives rise to the idea of being able to improve upon our bodies.

What a great distraction from having to look at our issues!

These will be the same people to volunteer for the ‘Trans-Humanism’ implants and experimentation!

What better way to surrender yourself to being controlled?

The earliest precursor for surgical implants as being a cool thing to enhance your life, to improve upon your body, is very in vogue having a TATTOO ENGRAVED INTO YOUR FLESH!

One is seeking creativity or permanence in the impermanent where it can never be found!

All types of mutilation of the human body, whether derived from primitive cultures or not, are just another step in promoting the bee hive acceptance of the Matrix’s technological implantation of Nano chips and computer/captive control in the human brain, hence COMPLETE MIND CONTROL!

Every so-called vice has been manufactured for us to DUMB DOWN the INTELLIGENCE of the MASSES, to ensure we do not see through the scam and rise up against the oppressors!

Although no one is exempt from this toxic abuse, some are more targeted than others.

Anyone experiencing the ancestral dump or the baby bump are most susceptible.

You know who you are; if you were brought up by an abusive family, experienced untold Ritualistic abuse, were forced to undergo any or all of the traumas children are forced to endure… this is you.

We are Bursting Bubbles for the sake of people who need to know the real origin of their issues.

We all have issues. It is high time they are exposed!

Exposing the origin of our issues is not meant to disgruntle, agitate or bring out any unwanted reactions in the reader. However, it is our experience that this very well may happen. By letting our issues come up, it opens the way to heal and get past the causes of human suffering!

The whole systematized machine is all about not feeling, and the total avoidance of ever exposing the root causes of our issues, therefore, never healing ourselves.

People are sold out to the system and in turn loose themselves in the process.

Suppression of emotion is the most common cause we see people trying to escape from their minds, bodies or souls.

Sex, drugs, sugar, materialism, fantasies and other addictions are strangely put up in our faces as worthy indulgences to enter into excess and be devoured by.

Why? So we never feel.

Without feeling, there is no possibility of freedom hence the true prison is kept locked away and unseen by this system of denial of feeling! We all have our own compulsions and attachments we are addicted to. Even what we hate we are attached to, as aversion is a form of the same.

Seeing our issues and addictions for what they are is where we need to be in order to begin healing.

Here is where the bubble is seen for what it is.

Bursting the bubble is a long and tedious process if one is utterly honest!

The only way to return to reality is to first return to sanity.



This is an impartial and objective analysis being presented. If anyone believes this to be inflexible judgement you are not hearing what is said.

Anyone who feels offended by this we humble offer our condolences as that is the bubble reacting. If in any way, one wishes to dispute this, we wish you all the best!

Who is it that we dispute or fight with? But ourselves when we react?

All false identification with anything external is self-destructive…

But when one hears someone speaking truth, it is their own voice calling out to them, through that voice resonating in their heart. {Plato said the speaker of truth is the one attacked.}

To discern the difference between one’s heart and the False Heart Bubble, one requires a great deal of focused mind, body and soul commitment.

Bursting the Bubble one lives life anew fresh in the essence of realization.

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