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    Tuesday,March 26th 2019
    2:18 am

Exposing The Matrix

The Illusion of Fighting the MATRIX

The Illusion of Fighting the MATRIX feeds the MATRIX. This is in response to humanity’s lost victory. Whenever we fight, we have lost before we begin! Before we move forward, one should be aware that calling them “Archons” empowers them! They are astral parasites, or ankle biters, as our friend Cameron calls them. They are not great lofty beings we read about in fantasy stories, they are putrid vermin. It seems that much science fiction and fantasy has been influenced by these parasitic beings. They would like us to live in a fantasy world of their making, and much of…

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The Easy Way Out

Conscious Choices are extremely important! As we have seen, making poor choices can bring back all of the clearing work we have done. This is something that is vitally important to recognize. With the outbreak of poor choices related to the Love Bite, False Light Healers, Ego Channeled Readings, we are seeing our friends and groups being targeted by the Matrix Mind. Alarmingly, this is only the beginning. Whenever we choose to follow the ‘Easy Way Out’, we are making bad choices. This is normal for most people without true keen discernment. Even all our greatest intentions are constantly being…

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Bursting the Bubble!

Just as language is one step away from our thoughts, thoughts are another further step away from our intentions… Each step away we get, the bigger the bubble of who we are grows. The more we bubble up, the further we are able to perceive who we are at our essence! What we experience outside of us, whether on the computer screen, looking at the stars at night, or anything in the outside world, is a far cry from what it is like to be fully in our bodies. Being fully in our bodies, allows us to experience our senses…

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Nation of Addicts!

We are one people! We are one world! Yet we have been separated! Someone once told me, “I am whole!” This is true but when they said it, it was not true. Human beings are a fragmented lot. The psyche has been shattered, scattered, splintered and utterly fragmented from being traumatized. Our culture reflects this traumatic separation most vividly… First, it is in every aspect of our culture that reflects our consciousness. Most evident in literature and even by the necessity of the use of words we are splitting our consciousness into separate parts. By believing in these false archetypes…

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Reclaiming Our Sovereignty, Our True Source Essence

Reclaiming our sovereignty, our True Source Essence Sovereignty is essential for exiting the illusion of “The Matrix Five Possession Program! The only way out is to disconnect ourselves from all emotional, mental, spiritual and physical hooks that give the designers and creators and maintainers of the corrupt demiurge consent to enter our fields, abduct our soul essence energy and to dominate our minds, bodies and souls… This requires focus, meditation, discipline and resolute determination! Practicing meditation in the “Universal Heart Sun Essence” that is present within the center of our chest is excellent and necessary for reestablishing our remembrance of…

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Astrology, Not Necessarily Your Fate

“It is written in the stars!” Have you ever heard an Astrologer give you this story? Well what sounds like a lot of bull, really is in an odd way has some truth. But not in the way they mean or we may think they mean! Our star charts are somewhat accurate according to the time and exact location of our birth which lines up with where the stars fall into place at that given time. This is a way of reading one’s karma. Wither it is your fate really depends on if you believe it is and surrender to…

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All The World’s a Stage!

All The World’s a Stage implies so much wisdom and insight if one but looks into the reflective pools of inner heart consciousness. “All the world’s a stage and all the men and women mere players. They have their exits and their entrances and one man in his time plays many parts, his acts being seven ages.” From this brilliant quote from Shakespeare, we can deduce that good ole Will is pointing us to have a look at the drama of our lives. He is literally reducing the quality of our independent lives into one performance! What is he really…

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Mediums and Channeling

Mediums and channels are essentially doing the same thing. They are working under the guise {belief system} that there is something or someone out there that is more knowledgeable than we are about ourselves, or someone more power then we do at in healing ourselves. The essence of this idea is surrendering to our disempowerment! To channel means to open up to a spirit or an entity no matter what they call themselves in order to do healing or what is known as light work. Mediumship is the same deal. Each person doing these practices are generally allowing themselves to…

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What Happens During Energetic Exchanges?

Whenever there is energy exchanged between partners, friends, family, healer and clients or anyone, there is invariably a parasite right there to take some! Did you ever have the feeling that you were being watched but just blew it off under the guise that oh that just could not be truly happening? As there was no one around, the excuse was taken for granted to be a valid one. This is the cover-up mechanism that has been implanted in the human mind to stop us from recognizing just how insidious what is really going on is! As we have spoken…

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The Matrix Five Possession Program

What the Gnostics call “The Corrupt Demiurge” is nothing more than a programmed isolation tank. Unfortunately for us it serves to separate every one from who we truly are! This well-designed conditioning called the mental “The Matrix Five Possession Program” is what keeps us split or separate from our true sovereign source essence! As long as we are, or rather our souls are being kept separate from us, meaning that our essence is being held captive, the game of illusion {causing suffering} continues. The creators of this corrupt demiurge are not only stealing energy from every human soul on this…

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The Illusion Of Opposites

When I was a child I remember reading books, watching TV, becoming engaged in stories of all types and I always felt uncomfortable with the characters that invariably grew old and died. It seemed as if there was something extremely unnatural about this process. Of course, everyone in this world will tell you that this is the most natural process in the world and of course we all must come to grips with our mortality! There are spiritual practices that help people release your attachment to the dissolution of the physical body. I believe that this can help people, in…

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Pretending Duality Is Reality

There was a time when the soul enjoyed this pretense. Maybe one might say it was like a playground, or a dream to have fun in and… In this primordial time prior to the manipulation of the corrupt demiurge, the human soul experienced total freedom of liberation… Each of us experienced the complete wholeness of multidimensional consciousness. It was at this time, that we lived in the timeless realm! Our conscious awareness was so fully expanded that we knew we were Immortal living in this undifferentiated presence, physicality was seen for what it was… It was merely a shadow play, a dance,…

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