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    Tuesday,March 26th 2019
    3:04 am

Introduction to WIAM

As Above So Below

One of the most often quoted terms in spoken language comes from the Emerald Tablets by Hermes. The Egyptian attributed to originating all Western Culture, Art and Science. {Isn’t it ironic that an Egyptian is the founder of Western Culture? So too, known as a Greek God?} The East and the West really have no barriers except those chosen to separate minds and hearts. “As above so below, as below so above. As within so without, as without, so within. As the universe so the Soul as the Soul so the universe.” Is the actual quote. What remains to our…

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Source of the Universe

The Source of the Universe is within you. It is not a being but an essence, it is essence that gives rise to being and nonbeing. Being the Source there is NO Persona, NO need for anything more…Just essence beyond understanding. This has been called mental but it further down and far deeper. Rather it is the Source of mind as consciousness! What lies beyond understanding? But the Source of it? Beyond the mind there are emotions and below them are subtle energies and at the bottom of all things there is the essence of all that is real and…

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ISMS and Schisms {Or SCHISM ISM}

What if everything we have ever been told and taught by so called authorities were completely inaccurate? The key to get us to believe in their “FACTS” was the presentation of a new technology that gave and still gives us all the CONVENIENCES of life we now feel deprived of, if we were to live without! Not to mention the short term value of the information we accepted to be true forever? The facts of certain household items such as appliances, cars etc… was presented to us as a way out of suffering and definitely given us a lot of…

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Every Philosophy ever religion and wisdom tradition we know of all talk to us about a veil of illusion that has over taken out ability to know or to know ‘self’ clearly without impedance. In India it is called Maya, illusion as well as the mother of Buddha. Maya is the illusion we are all lost in… Samsara is the world that gets created by our involvement in the veil of illusion. Everything we think, feel and do is all a part of samsara. Samsara is known by many names in every language…. In the Christian, Islamic and Jewish {Abrahamic…

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Board of Education

Education today is just another extension of the political system. Children are lead off each day into the prison of a closed environment that teaches them to be subservient to the system. The system does not teach us how to be good to each other but how to get over on everyone and anyone for one’s own gain. This is the old “Greed is God” mentality being taught to our children as if it were the only way to live! My friend Antonin did a series of art pieces in the 90s entitled: “Leading the flock off to the spiritual…

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Answering Unanswerable Questions

The BIG Questions Man has been ‘asking’ for as long as we know…. {Remember when we are AS-KING we are acting AS KING.} Questions like “What is Life? “Why are we here?” “Why do we die? What is DEATH? Where do we go? Where did we come from?” “What is the purpose of Life? Why do we live grow old suffer and die?” “Why do we forget where we came from before we were born?” “Why do we all have different belief systems and some are shared?” “Why do some people get sick while others live charmed lives?” “Why do…

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