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    Tuesday,March 26th 2019
    2:07 am


What Every Woman Should Know About Sex! or Exchanging DNA with Partners!

Did you know that all women absorb and carry all the male DNA of their lovers or sexual partners in their bodies for the rest of their lives? Yes! That’s right, “We are who we have sex with!” What does this mean? This means that when we share DNA with lovers or sex partners, we take on their belief systems, cellular memory and far more than that… {The how’s and what’s of just how much of these unwanted causes of bondage, suffering and recurring levels of mental, emotional and even physical pain will vary with each person and their primary pre-engineered genetic programing.} Basically…

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What Happens When We Have Sex!

Everyone knows sex is a mutually satisfying experience. However, does anyone know why? Science can tell us a lot about our metabolic rate, speeding up of the heartbeat, the lessening of the breath, the various hormonal responses, such as the pheromones that are released when people are attracted to each other or come very close in physical proximity hence close contact, the exchange of DNA that occurs with bodily fluids, the inconceivable impossibility of a normal person abstaining from sexual relations and all the rest that stands out and can be explained logically and shown evidence thereof. We may be…

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