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    Tuesday,March 26th 2019
    2:12 am

The Perils of Being a Healer

What is Eating at Humanity?

Few people on our planet realize exactly what is going on… And even smaller amount recognizes that many of their own choices are not their own and have been made for them! As we go down this road this list grows smaller. Evidently, we will see less and less people are willing to trace the lines and the strings that hold each of us in place like puppets. While others are simply not able to follow these {chain like} strings to the real core issue of “What is Eating at Humanity!” How many of us have asked the question, “What…

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Some of The Perils of Our Process

Each of us will require grounding and centering practices to calm the mind, especially meditating, spending time in silence and connecting to nature as often as possible. But also it is necessary to seek out someone you trust that can do clearings on your field or shall I say do clearings off of your field? Very few modalities, religions and teachers in our world have come full circle out of the domination matrix and returned to the truth of who we are. What is meant by this is, most psychics are caught in the illusion, believing voices in their heads…

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The Perilous Process

Perils begin to unfold more and more as we become more effective in discerning, clearing and transforming our lives out of the mental cage and towards the light at the end of the tunnel! Every human being when they sleep at night are pulled into the astral plane, generally against our will and we are manipulated their in various different ways. Much of our energy is drained, and many times we are implanted or re-implanted with new karmic contracts and other insidious devices for manipulation. Many of the New Age healing movement practitioners claim that those of us who are…

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Further Perils of the Healing Path

As we move further and further upon this path, it seems that the perils increase, but also does the peace! Clearer and more aware we become, the more we realize that clearing and meditating on a daily basis is not only mandatory but necessary to maintain our sanity, peace of mind and everything worth having including a healthy and wholesome life. With this, the healing practice unfolds; as more people are drawn to this healing practice, there will also be more disruptions, drama and insanity. But we become less effected by any of this craziness… You can be sure when…

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Working with the Programmed Mindset

Today we’d like to discuss some of the obstacles of such healers or clearing practitioners… Once one has become involved in recognizing the truth, a veil is uncovered. Once any of us awakens to the reality of what’s going on around us, in our heads and in our subconscious minds… We really have no choice but to take matters into our own hands! Many ‘New Agers’ prefer to focus on what I call a ‘shallow persistence’ by refusing to see the real threat to world sanity, by focusing only on positive thinking, that can only remain on the mundane level,…

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Perils and Peaceful Warriors

With every example of the “Perilous Persona at Large” such as the aforementioned story of a person possessed by an illusionary “God” in the head… There are also so many sane seekers acting to the contrary! We must give credit where credit is due; there are plenty of sane, honorable people who fully comprehend all that we healers go through {right thru the ringer as they say}, in order to develop our tools of scrutiny that eventually become tools of certainty! The vast majority of good people do not ever have to go through complete break downs in order to…

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The Ancestors We Know

There are today many forms of devotion, prayer and external honoring of our Ancestors. We can find this idea to be prevalent in most cultures, philosophies and religions… {Some examples are: Shamanism from around the world, Native South and North American indigenous peoples, the Inuit, the Chinese and Siberian Folk Cultural Beliefs, the Finish and some Northern European Germanic tribes, African tribesmen, & so on…} Our ancestors were people just as we are and therefore seeking help from them seems a bit like asking the blind to lead the blind! All people are flawed honoring some above others just because…

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