What is A Mystic What is A Mystic
    Tuesday,March 26th 2019
    2:09 am

What Is A Mystic?

What is Sleep?

What is Sleep? Is there one answer to this deceptively simple question? Like anything deep, the answer will be a multi leveled one. “What is Sleep?” Is a question being asked by every inquisitive person since before the appearance of the written word. No one seems to have the answer. However, the mystic does realize: The ability to understand anything as mysterious as the sleep state will require directly accessing that state consciously as well as subconsciously. What makes it mysterious and unknowable to us is its unconscious nature. Hence being actively awake during the DREAM STATE or the unconscious…

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The Compassionate Heart of the Mystic

When one practices the presence of absolute truth, one does not differentiate between having attained a goal and having failed to attain the goal. Why is this? One does not differentiate nor need to, because both attainment and failure are merely appearances in the practice of absolute presence. One does not loose sight of the ocean, simply by studying the movements or the comings and the goings of it’s waves! So we see the practice of the Mystic is all-encompassing and all permeating. With this practice comes the expanded consciousness of realizing the ‘supreme self’ of one is the ‘supreme…

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Expectations, Healing and the Mystic

Expectations do not play a part in the Practice of the Mystic All expectations are, is: a human mind projecting some desired outcome outward, upon another person, a circumstance or otherwise. The more we do this the more we find ourselves disillusioned time and time again! Thinking positive is helpful in times of necessity. But this belief system in vogue today in this “New Age Religion” {which has only replaced one dogma with another} is just as destructive as believing in someone else outside of yourself is going to come along and liberate you one day! There is no cavalry…

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Witnessing The Mystic Within

The search for meaning in life is synonymous with the search for the mystic within. So we can see there is one goal sought after behind all seeking, beyond seeking mystical experience; it is one for the fulfillment of our innermost hearts desire. As people search and become disappointed with their constant inability to maintain any state of mind that is remotely peaceful or desirable; they become disillusioned. Most of us become disillusioned with searching. Be sure as long as one is searching they are not finding! This goes the same for healing, as long as one is healing, one…

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What is Evolution?

Evolution is a physical manifestation of the illusion that external accomplishments and clever craftiness can, will and is lessening the suffering in our world. Evolution is primary based in the dualistic mindset that divides, conquers and separates by it’s very nature. This is not to say that we should abandon all efforts to utilize technology to bring comfort into our lives. But it the perspective that this evolving progression is anything more than a reflection of our externally manifested reality that is detri“mental” to our well being as a world race! The belief system that we meaning our souls can…

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 What Is Society?

Society appears to have grown out of a far more difficult circumstance of man’s need to survive. Society is presented to us as necessity for our survival. In fact, the majority of people in our world believe this beyond a shadow of a doubt simply because they have never conceived of any other way to live. Society is a program! Society is a mental construct that has taken its shape from the emotionally unsettling fear of not being able to survive without each of us depending on something bigger than we are. Namely the society in which we live! It…

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The Discernment Of The Mystic

Mystics throughout history, founded ancient wisdom traditions, generally were not interested in being famous or well known for their accomplishments. It is for this reason that many of the great Masters of the ancient past have left their influence, but have remained anonymous. We here at “whatisamystic.com” are only interested in revealing the truth in all matters. However, it is up to you to discern what is relevant for yourself at a specific time according to the level of your development and therefore the clarity of your discernment. Therefore, there may appear to be some discrepancies in some of our…

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