What is A Mystic What is A Mystic
    Monday,May 21st 2018
    8:56 am

The Compassionate Heart of the Mystic

When one practices the presence of absolute truth, one does not differentiate between having attained a goal and having failed to attain the goal. Why is this?

One does not differentiate nor need to, because both attainment and failure are merely appearances in the practice of absolute presence.

One does not loose sight of the ocean, simply by studying the movements or the comings and the goings of it’s waves!

So we see the practice of the Mystic is all-encompassing and all permeating.

With this practice comes the expanded consciousness of realizing the ‘supreme self’ of one is the ‘supreme self’ of all that is; when one realizes this, it is called self realization.

The practice of the Mystic is built on baby steps; the building blocks of reality are formulated with each breath that one takes.

In each moment, if one is completely clear and true to oneself; then it is possible to realize in each moment, reality is being created and co-created according to one’s perception of it. This is called mutual arising.

When one realizes that they are responsible for the reality that they are experiencing, then one’s whole perception of the life changes instantaneously.

The eastern adage, “You create your own reality,” rings true and resonates deeply throughout our whole being upon this realization.

This is The Practice of the Mystic.

So too with all great things, this practice is not the goal in itself but is the self sustaining outcome and the income, the beginning and the end, the realization of living the process. One practices not to leave behind the practice or to become good at it; but rather to go further into the process which is eternity’s breath, that is pure joy!

A Joy arising from within without any external cause of joy!

After thought: the necessary enigma…

(One feels obliged to add: of course this is truly not the practice of the mystic at all; because we all know that there are no words that can describe what these words are attempting to reveal to us, they can only to point at… Yet they must suffice for now!)

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