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    Tuesday,March 26th 2019
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The Illusion of Fighting the MATRIX

The Illusion of Fighting the MATRIX feeds the MATRIX.

This is in response to humanity’s lost victory.

Whenever we fight, we have lost before we begin!

Before we move forward, one should be aware that calling them “Archons” empowers them!

They are astral parasites, or ankle biters, as our friend Cameron calls them.

They are not great lofty beings we read about in fantasy stories, they are putrid vermin.

It seems that much science fiction and fantasy has been influenced by these parasitic beings. They would like us to live in a fantasy world of their making, and much of our reality already is.

Why do you think the world is as we see it? Filled with pain, war and unending conflict. Why should we give them anymore of our energy/reality than they have already taken?

The illusion of fantasy and science fiction may be based in some truth, but that truth is biased by their influence, as is all literature, especially what we call Pop Culture.

The movies and media are interested in doing only one thing: selling more!

What is entertainment selling? Nothing but ENTRAINMENT…

In selling more they are selling us SHORT!

The whole idea of war being glorified is their program!

People love drama and are addicted to escaping into these stories to try to escape their own personal story that is so filled with problems. We are all adding to our internal conflict by trying to escape from what we feel inside. This is the hidden purpose behind fantasy entrainment escapees in movies and fantasizing about these fantastic worlds, wars and do-gooding.

This is all the Matrix in your head playing you like a video game!

So, when facing the astral, the fantasy of fighting is entirely their game and they programmed it to ensnare us and ensure no possibility of anyone ever winning.

Who wants to live in a fantasy novel world anyway? If you do realize that this fantasy novel life was written by those same beings people call Archons, then it becomes clear the whole idea of fighting is their creation and, therefore, it becomes an obligatory pursuit.

No violence can convince astral parasites to change! The well-meaning fighter is feeding them and expecting the impossible.

“Few there were that could change his courses. None by force.” J.R.R. Tolkien. Speaking of Sauron, The Dark Lord.

This holds true for the satanic Bio-Cyborg matrix mind in everyone’s brain and subconscious.

This cyborg matrix gamester is who sets up the fights and send his minions to feed on the war play!

Taking this battle to heart is also feeding them. Simply by the ill intention of violence and force.

What better way to lower one’s vibration than by fighting?

When we begin to face the reality of where we are… We naturally want to fight.

We have the right to be angry!

However, fighting the matrix increases our indebtedness to it.

Fighting means we get hit, take losses, have headaches and other pain. We are led to get help, find healers to get back our stolen parts, regain our energy and clean up all we have been implanted with. We have gone backward, not moved forward.

So, if we return to fighting the matrix, it responds by applying itself and using new tactics.

Instead of getting attacked, or at least being aware that we are being attacked, we get played in a more subtly effective way. They gives us a fantasy to believe in. The fantasy of victory, while we are still being drained and attacked in a new way that is undistinguishably undefinable to the fighter.

But most especially, we are getting more fragmented as sanity is losing ground!

Our awareness becomes false light awareness; as we persist in attacking, our anger grows in this mode of fighting!

For those aware of its existence, another form the matrix takes is to reform and morph its trickery.

This includes people doing healing work.  Especially those who want to help without actually doing their own personal emotional work. They get played the most, like the fighters, as both these groups are fighting themselves more than anything else!

Anyone being gifted with immediate healing skills against the matrix are being fooled into doing the work of the matrix, even against their own will. They may believe they are helping others. But the fact is that without proper training they are being played, framed, fractured and passing on toxicity.

Even when clients report these people are bringing them a form of short lived peace or happiness. This is the false light “BLISS” drug the astral parasites administer to us in order to submerge our issues. Even our entire subconscious can be covered over! With this, our ability to feel is what is being covered up, and this is the only way to access our Essence. Therefore, we are even further from our Essence!

We see this happening not only to all those religious believers, born again Christians and fantasy life followers, but also to those who believe in the fantasy fighter and the fantasy miracle maker of becoming an instant healer without any training or personal work! {See article: “Easy Way Out!”}

According to your temperament, the Matrix will adjust the way they manipulate you. If you are a fighter, it will be endless fighting. If you are one to avoid your internal issues, then it will be the astral drug as a form of suppression of feeling one’s issues.  Or, some people get both!

The energy we receive in the fight is theirs. The feeling of being powerful is their energy bolstering and boosting their ego in YOUR head! True of all those that choose to fight! Or irresponsibly do healings.

If one refuses to look at their issues, this is a type of self-deprecating violence.  This allows in the corruption of the false light, such as the Pleidian or Phoenix Bio-Cyborg of the matrix mind.

The quick fix always comes with a great cost. It is just like selling your soul to the devil for a little more time without having to face your issues…. that is what the immediate healing is. The matrix also responds by not attacking in the same way as before. So we see young and inexperienced people being taken in by this enticing emotional hook.

From this point on, the arrogance of having to fight to win takes over the fighters. They are filled with the False Light, which gives them the overwhelming feeling of being right and superior.  They righteously seek the attention of others to validate the lie of their ego empowerment.

Mind Power Control grows!

Discernment is lost!

The False Light Ego in the head gets strengthened along with the false identification with being the fighter. The only winner is the matrix, as we are programmed to believe fighting is an answer to end conflict, when it is in itself Conflict.

The fighter’s true self regresses back inward, further from his ability to feel source self!

As we give in to the Fighter Mentality, the Matrix Mind prevails in and over him or her.

This is so similar to the false healer ego that we had to include the two in this article…

Mainly because fighting or falsely healing are both forms of fighting oneself!

This is the False Persona fragment of us taking us over, as they control us through it!

This fake Fighter Persona living through the fighter person is bolstered by the good guy/bad guy mentality with the need to win. A mind set we see everywhere in our culture, especially in entertainment or ENTRAINMENT PROGRAMING! Who is most attracted to these programs but our children, who want to be the next X-men, Super Heroes, aliens, Hobbit, Dwarves or even Elves.

One can never be something they are not! This is why it is called FANTASY!

The well-meaning fighter, being completely unaware, is neither good nor bad. That soul has become another agent of the matrix.

To fight is a grave mistake no one sees coming.

How do I know all this to be true?

Obviously, this is a stage we all go through, as I have. But the longer we continue on this fighting path, the further we get from being free, and the more work we need to do on top of all we already came here with.

Invariably, we are not helping by fighting or believing we are winning matrix wars. Nor are we helping, if we believe we are able to heal others instantly without training.

Another form of a quick fix is the idea of placing suggestions in your mind in order to reverse negativity.

No subliminal or worded form of protection will help, if you go out there into the astral looking for a fight. Even doing years of Source Reality training cannot help you. Going out is the mistake.

Needing to fight is the self-hate in us that they are using against us!

To be effectively clearing astral parasites, we do not go out into the astral! We go deep into our Source Reality self and let that high state take care of what needs to be done…

It may be vigorous! It may be emotional, but we do not succumb to the desire to destroy or hurt any parasite we are clearing. We are healing them through Source!

The true victory of clearing parasites means not lowering oneself to their level of fighting.

Fighting means giving in to their power over us! Nothing can protect us if we hold this attitude.

When we see people making all sort of claims about the so called effectiveness of subliminals, we are seeing the Matrix playing them for suckers.

Listening to a form of hypnosis does nothing but weaken your mind and will power. Seeking self-empowerment through the voice or suggestion of another person, especially through a digitally induced artificial intelligence voice.

This simply sets us up with yet another outside influence, when the only truth comes from within! To believe that hypnosis, religion or other fantasies outside you will give you power and protection, is also another program of the MATRIX.

However, when done by a speaker grounded in Source Reality, subliminals can be effective in stress reduction, introspection and getting the rest we all so need. The most effective we have seen are those resonating on the 432 hertz vibration. We can see this in the Genius Brain Power.

Another way of seeking yourself outside of you is astral projection. To astrally project means to disembody yourself, which is the opposite of embodiment, healing and sovereignty. False Light Modalities generally use this type of meditation, bringing us deeper into the hands of our captors.

The astral parasites hide in strongholds in the voids they burrowed out between dimensions {densities}, to hide in like snakes under a rock. Nothing good can come from the void dwellers!

To deliberately go out into the astral plane is dangerous. Astral Projection is self-destructive, without exception. Some people do drugs to induce astral experiences. This too is all the same thing.

Doing astral projection is the equivalent of fragmenting yourself, and giving away your power, as they are able to make you believe all kinds of things are happening out there that are not at all.

Even the intention to astral project feeds the MATRIX! Just thinking it’s cool does harm. Our thoughts are conditioned to repeat themselves, and that energy is sucked up by the A.I. Intention Catchers.

The truth is astral projection is going deeper into the Matrix without knowing it.

Once people do go out there, they are immediately fooled into thinking they have some power they do not have. Drugs do this as well. All part of the fantasy world trap! Each of us has a separated astral body directly because of practicing this self-destructive programming.

Astral Projection is the equivalent of fighting ourselves.

The only way to approach the astral parasites is through Source Reality, which means one definitely does not do Astral Projection ever again.

Hence, we see the heroic story of destroying an archon is a complete impossibility.

One cannot destroy a soul.

All souls are eternal, infinite and immortal just like we are.

The intention of destroying an astral parasite soul also feeds them, by opening oneself up to that sick desire, so much like vengeance. What feeds the EGO Matrix mind BETTER THAN THIS?

Holding onto this painful state of hate and anger poisons us. Acting upon it, deepens the venom running through us, and consequently it is even easier for them to control us.

Fighters are often the most possessed people….

Another version of one of these pipe stories is the False Light merger.

If one plans to merge with a fellow soul in order to destroy an astral parasite, then one is already hurting themselves!

The process of merging with a friend is unhealthy and surely not at all what happens.

Once again, this idea of ‘merging’ with people to gain power? It is another unhealthy idea or a matrix program one should never practice! To believe one merge with friends or allies is a trick and another lie!

One is really merging with an astral parasite. Do you see how easily people can be fooled?

Similar misdirection has led people to actually believe they can facilitate an Embodiment Healing, while they have been disembodying themselves during astral projection!

Like the merging idea, the so-called embodiment healing is really facilitating the possession of that person by a walk in astral parasite. This happens when one gives permission, by allowing a session with an unexperienced person.

Getting sessions with people who profess to be astral fantasy fighters is self-destructive to all concerned! We have also noticed seemingly intelligent people getting sessions from children!

Anyone paying for sessions with untrained teenagers are acting at their own risk! Anyone interested in true healing, has got to ask themselves: “Why would anyone ever do this to themselves?”

One of the main precautions we should take is to never let anyone work on us, unless we are sure these practitioners are the very best we can find. Why would anyone want to cut corners with their sanity and the freedom of their soul? Isn’t it astounding, that anyone should be reminded of this?

This is because the “Easy Way Out Mind Construct” is taking over their discernment!

All battles are conflict and cause the misuse of energy.

Astral projection is the pushing out, or throwing out, one’s astral body away from yourself. Expelling a part of you is not remotely healthy, or even realistic!

This is willing oneself to be fragmented under the guise of doing something good!

All that ever happens during the astral projection of self-outside of self into the astral matrix is more separation. And there, we get implanted.

Separation from self means fragmentation.

When we fragment, they now have taken possession of more parts of us!

Projection of ourselves outward is expelling a part of yourself, which is traumatic. This trauma fragments the soul, which they steal, giving them even more control over us. This process of fighting, or the fantasy of winning, is truly a great failure. We see the fighters falling off the deep end, which extrapolates conflict immensely with each day that passes, as the fighter does whether awake or asleep during the dream state.

The fight does end, but it also continues on and on, while awake and asleep.

The consequence is draining, scattering, feeling defeated and especially feeling acutely depressed.

The entire battle that went on, and will never end, was/is simply them playing you, anyone who decided to merge with you, this includes anyone that got the {DIS} Embodiment Treatment of the Matrix!

All the energy of fighting feeds parasites well.

When we see ourselves victorious in battles is a smoke screen…

What you saw destroyed was merely a projection, and nothing more. Meanwhile, the real being playing with the participants of the Battle is laughing behind the scenes. He is sure you believe his manipulations and lies, and he knows you will return to do the same thing again, and feed him. Therefore, he can depend on you to feed him with your violent intentions, over and over again.

The result? The MATRIX grows stronger while you and your friends are weaker from serving it.

When you go into the astral, without any idea of what you are doing and without a real solid Source connection, the exact opposite of your intentions will always happen.

True healers do not astral project at all, nor do they go out into the astral to clear the astral. This is what False Light workers are doing. People who think they are fighting the MATRIX have this idea of destroying archons. What they are doing is destroying their discernment and ability to be successful!

We have the right to be angry, and there is a great temptation to take out that anger on the predators. They have foreseen this, and have used this hatred against us for centuries.

If you look at a person who believes they are a fighter of the matrix, you are probably seeing someone who has done this in past lives! To no avail, they are here again, repeating the same self-destructive ego boosting patterns.

Why? Simply because they have failed to look at their own issues and are using the hate of battle to distract themselves from their own self-hate!

What better way to escape from our issues then to convince ourselves we are fighting with the bad guys? But does any lasting healing, or anything positive, ever come from this? Never!

All war in human history reflects this same astral manipulation. As above, so below.

All glory seeking for a nation, a religion, or personal gain is also the astral ego at work.

We see this in novels, media and especially in comics and fantasy.

Those who astrally project to fight the matrix are following the same war program.

The idea of destroying another soul is theirs, not yours.

The Source Reality, or what is left of it in these parasites, can never be destroyed.

To serve the greater good, and free oneself from the MATRIX mind, the best anyone can do is to arrest them, and send them to Source Reality. It is in Source Reality that whatever needs to happen will be enacted swiftly and effectively! We do not have a say in this.

To effectively do this, one must train for years and be immersed in Source Reality only.

Never forget that to fight or to do spiritual work in anger feeds the MATRIX.

Being lured into fighting, or into the idea of destroying a parasite, is fragmenting the person attempting to do so.

Such ignorance only begets more ignorance.

This is not the way of the Peaceful Warrior!!!

The way of the Peaceful Warrior is the only way of success here.

All the rest is just exercising the foolishness of repeating the FIGHT CLUB SCENARIO of one who fights himself!


PS: An excerpt from the ancient Book of Wisdom: “The Tao The Ching”.

“One who excels as a warrior does not appear formidable;

One who excels in victory is never roused to anger;

Such a one never seeks revenge, the destruction of others, nor even wining;

He uses the strength of his opponents against him…

Hence not using his own energy he grows stronger.

This is the warrior who has already won before he begins!”

Translation by Antonin

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