What is A Mystic What is A Mystic
    Friday,December 14th 2018
    7:06 am

ISMS and Schisms {Or SCHISM ISM}

What if everything we have ever been told and taught by so called authorities were completely inaccurate?

The key to get us to believe in their “FACTS” was the presentation of a new technology that gave and still gives us all the CONVENIENCES of life we now feel deprived of, if we were to live without!

Not to mention the short term value of the information we accepted to be true forever?

The facts of certain household items such as appliances, cars etc… was presented to us as a way out of suffering and definitely given us a lot of leisure time and convenience.

But these simple pleasures have now been placed right up there with Einstein and rocket science.

The program is: if you believe in your car then it is the same technology that put a man on the moon. This is an underlying implication deeply embossed into the human subconscious. Not true!

This falsifying science has been extended into the medical profession.

Right along with a quick fix American Dream, just a take another pill and everything will be alright….

The morning comes and everything is a lot worse than it was…. American Dream turns Nightmare!

Here we see this ‘expected unquestioning attitude’ of us as we are driven insane by the pharmaceutical companies’ warnings against all the right drugs for us to wrongly take.

This applies right to Politics and the two party system that forces us to take sides and to therefore become a part of the separation problem that this whole paradox feeds upon.

The more we play their game we are really playing a game upon ourselves! No winners! Only losers!

Never underestimate the power of misinformation!

It rules our life choices without us even knowing it!

What if science, religion and society’s influence were non-committal to any such truth?

What if no one ever questioned the validity of these misnomers?

Then we should have a world in complete disorder and dis-organization barely holding on to the appearance of being some illusionary order!

Oh I almost forgot….. That is exactly what we do have….!

So now then doesn’t it make sense that we do have this madness for a reason?

Not because it just happened this way!

Not because it is the fault of the system when a system does not commit crimes people do!

But because this whole madness was engineered for a reason!

Just follow the MONEY TRAIL and you will always find out who has engineered a scam…

What greater way to control and cause disorder than by not letting anyone know what you are doing?

A great con man stays alive and becomes great at hurting others by never being seen through!

Not ever!

What better way to manipulate a world culture than from within? By making it seem impossible that such a thing could ever be accomplished so that no one will ever believe they have been so taken in that they deny it!

No one ever wants to admit that they have been fooled, so tell them they have and laugh….

And the masses will laugh right along with you!

This is why they love the term ‘Hidden in plain sight.’

Except they are laughing at us while we are not sure what we are laughing about.

They think it is funny and will keep us laughing at ourselves with the same tricks for as long as they can.

It has already been hundreds of millennia…

Every ISM that has come along that has made it to mainstream society has been chosen to be for one reason or another that contributes or was made to for this same reasoning.

State-ism is the new religion-ism and science-ism is the new religion-ism…

{State=ism is the belief in the state as having the power to get us out of this madness when of course it the state that is the cause of the loss of human rights. Religion-ism is the belief that God or some higher power will come along and get us out of this mess! While it is the belief in God that is robbing us of our ability to get ourselves out from under the influence of these false Gods the religionists worship! Science-ists are those that believe that science will come and save the day. But isn’t science being paid for by the State-ists that took the theory of relativity and made it into atomic weapons?

The young science-ists do not know they are the newest form of state-ists known as techno heads. They believe if they turn into robots they will become super human and have nothing to worry about.

Little do they realize they are being programed to think by {playing video games, screen addicted, and watching movies while denying being MEDIA ADDICTED the next step is greater from of control called ‘Trans-Humanism’….

They will either be forced to become a chip of memory in the head or a couch potato unable to do anything productive while pretending they are free from problems as they reach for their next remote control fix!}


No one realizes they are being controlled by the desire to control something that they really cannot!

The well-educated are controlled by their education. The governments are controlled by the bankers. The bankers are controlled by their greed and their bosses the religious leaders.

All of us are controlled by the False Light perception that has replaced our true awareness of self.

{To worship a God means to be a WAR SHIP or a Vessel for this false light God being, meaning readily allowing it to enter into and to possess us. This is why the religionists are so insane and inflexible.}

The appearance of human creativity is only a flimsy cardboard cut-out of itself and the real deal has been replaced by a false feeling of programed self-dishonoring inherent in all the ISMs.

This is the Schism in the ISM!

Did you think this was about entertainment? We are entertaining someone somewhere….

Art? {There is nothing creative about conceit or deceit!}

What about seeing through the façade of LIFE as a Schism in the ISM?

Which ISMs do you belong to?

Every organization one belongs to necessarily negates self-truth by giving consent to take on and be controlled by their Gods, belief systems and the spirits of that ISM…..

This goes for the appearances in Plato’s Vast Gallery like religion, nationality, race, government, genetic line, affiliations, lovers and creed.

The SCHISM in the ISM is precisely what we are made to feel as of when we are going against the grain.

But when an entire society is going against that natural grain then you are one of the only sane ones!

Sanity is the Mysticism within you!

In an insane world it is the one deemed to be insane or out there that is the only sane one!

So instead of falling for the stereotype put upon you stand strong and be aware of this vision of the world is a real one that needs to be seen from everyone that is still blind to the SCHISM in the ISM.

Anyone thinking the world is sane hasn’t done their homework.

Insanity is defined as a person or group repeating the same old answers to problems expecting to get different results! Is this not exactly what society is doing in every single ISM we’ve spoken of?

So don’t be afraid of being called the SCHISM in the ISM when you already know you are a witness to the real SCHISM in the ISM.

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