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    Tuesday,March 26th 2019
    2:38 am

Mediums and Channeling

Mediums and channels are essentially doing the same thing. They are working under the guise {belief system} that there is something or someone out there that is more knowledgeable than we are about ourselves, or someone more power then we do at in healing ourselves.

The essence of this idea is surrendering to our disempowerment!

To channel means to open up to a spirit or an entity no matter what they call themselves in order to do healing or what is known as light work.

Mediumship is the same deal.

Each person doing these practices are generally allowing themselves to be taken over by the possessing entity that comes into them or is already within their space to “help out” in the process of healing, getting inside information or other occult practices.

“The word occult means hidden or secret. It has gotten a bad name for itself because the process is unhealthy and surrounded by the temptation for an easier way out of suffering.”

Mediumship is becoming a fade idolizing the old Greek myth of the oracle of Delphi role.

This is a sign that people are acutely aware something is definitively wrong with our culture, with our world and within themselves, which is good.

But the practice of channeling and or mediumship is actually a part of the problem.

The temptation lies in the heart of the desperate individual that is ether seriously sick, dying or suffering in some apparent way, not just from or in the normal false mind identified state we all suffer from.

These desperate individuals have found the medical profession to be ineffectual in most matters that are to do with chronic illnesses. So they seek help elsewhere.

Alternative medicine leads to alternatives such as channeling or mediums.

This trend is on the rise and rightfully so as the game in play is to keep the majority sick and therefore susceptible to control programs.

What Is Mediumship Medical or Otherwise?

When we give a medium our time and seek help, we are inadvertently giving them the right to enter our sacred space. In so doing whatever they are accessing is able to also enter us.

Mediums have no idea what they are dealing with. They just trust in the beings outside of them more than they trust themselves. This is the source of the fall from grace!

Seeking self outside of self invites in parasites.

This is what all mediumship and channeling does without fail.

The very premise of self seeking outside of self not only attracts them but is a deep program of their making for this very purpose.

So we see those that do the channeling or are the mediums are the most infiltrated and far worse off for it. They are inundated with entities, implanted contracts and all manner of destructive forces that are living off of them and off of humanity.

Who else would mediums be connecting to?

Those astral parasites are just waiting for the chance to feed on us in any way they can.

So when a person unknowingly connects to them seeking help from a higher power, they get filled with this low vibrational energy the medium puts out {or channels}.

This is not known to be what it is since it has been treated with false light!

Then the parasites can feed more easily on us. They live off us and live thru us, especially on the devotional reverence {one-upmanship} they eat it up. As well as taking full advantage of every other avenue they have. And let me tell you they have a countless amount to draw on and hurt us through.

Most New Age literature is channeled from these same astral parasites.

They have not only gotten into our written word but they have gotten in between us and our true thoughts, emotions and our intuition.

Why else would we believe we need to seek help outside of ourselves?

Why else would we feel we need help?

We are fully capable of freeing ourselves from the matrix cage they have us in.

When one goes to a medium, an energetic healer or psychic, what immediately happens is we are being implanted with contracts, entities and all manner of other nastiness in that process.

It is far worse for the medium or the channel. They have no idea this is happening for the most part unless they are willingly doing black magic which is for another article.

What these mediums and psychic channels are reading when they look at you are projections from the Akashic Records or the astral book of lies that has been implanted in the subconscious mind of every human being.

If by chance you have had the astral book {Akashic Records} removed from you in a real healing session, then they will be reading you from their own implanted version in their subconscious mind. The practitioner will believe that this is the truth and will impress upon you their fervent wish or well meaning visionary thoughts and beliefs to this effect.

Even before the reading begins, you will have given consent for whatever they are reading from and its spirit manipulators to enter your field just by listening to these words spoken to you. All by the power of suggestion.

Whatever they see that is not even there on you, will manifest on you just by your acknowledgement of what they are saying. This is how insidious our plight is.

Mediums in Bondage

The purpose of this article is not to cast despair upon these poor misguided souls that are meaning to do good work. But to open the eyes of the world to the lies we believe!

Every person doing this type of energetic types of work are spreading the disease of manipulation.

But quite easily the shift could be made away from the past manipulations and on to a new way or back to the original way to our true nature once again.

I see this as only a stage in the shedding of the programed matrix mind consciousness.

We must fall back into our patterns in order to realize we are in them.

So who else has come to see the need for a better way with a real exit?

The way out is by going within. Not within the implanted programs but to get beneath them and to release from this bondage we all face every time we wake up and find we cannot stop thinking these thoughts that are really not our own!

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