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    Tuesday,March 26th 2019
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Nation of Addicts!

We are one people!

We are one world!

Yet we have been separated!

Someone once told me, “I am whole!” This is true but when they said it, it was not true.

Human beings are a fragmented lot. The psyche has been shattered, scattered, splintered and utterly fragmented from being traumatized.

Our culture reflects this traumatic separation most vividly…

First, it is in every aspect of our culture that reflects our consciousness. Most evident in literature and even by the necessity of the use of words we are splitting our consciousness into separate parts. By believing in these false archetypes that are separating our minds into the “good/bad guy mentality” which is a judgmental continuum that leads us only further into more delirious delusion.

We can see this split running through every story, every thought in our heads and this is the foundation of all falsehood we call “NORMAL” that has been given rise in our civilization!

We are all programed with this need to be right therefore make the other person wrong. There are winners and losers, the smart and the stupid, the black and the white, on and on it runs…

We go around acting as if these mental constructs were real and we even are willing to kill to support them! As if, what we see and say goes for others? Imposing our opinions upon others is the root of prejudice! War! Religion! And the need for doctors!

All of us have been bought and sold.

How can we be free and owned at the same time?

What part of addiction is who we are?

Who we are to be bought and sold by the programing brought to you by the 6 o’clock news?

This false identification with being “I am the one” that knows what’s right for others is everywhere being purposefully amped up into a poison for further separation, racism, prejudice and the need for violence to substantiate this illusion as REAL hence creating an all pervading “fear complex.’

We all pretend to not be afraid but this makes it worse.

Fear is one of the prime motivators in human action and thought today.

The fight or flight mode is a constant lingering turbulence in the background of all we do and live.

{Fear itself is neutral serves a purpose. But when it is psychological meaning when there is no clear and present danger and we are defending a mental position then it is a violent disease!}

Being one person and yet feeling separate is like sleep walking.

There is the fearful personality and the other that denies that fear is a part of them!

This fear mechanism takes on behavioral implications and governs how we act.

This judgmental identification is a type of violence unto itself; even before we act.

{We all have seen this patterning in what is called the passive/aggressive, the obsessive/compulsive or the neurotic person.}

The split person is separated from all they are, the ability to love and even to feel deeply.

Communication is hindered with this we see the source of the breakdown of the family unit!

As long as we feel separate from ourselves, we can never truly feel and therefore know ourselves to be one with our loved ones, our friends with the world. Although you may think you do love, this is a weak excuse for the deep inner sense of knowing and being in the frequency of oneness.

We have traded in true love for what we like to think is love!

Without love we are feeling unloved therefore we seek it even more!

Seeking love without first feeling it within us creates the illusion of love!

We are addicted to the illusion of love not to real love!

The desire for escape from this feeling of lack brought on by feeling alone, incomplete and afraid we are unable to experience peace of mind and true love has reduced what we call love into being just another addiction to another illusion outside of us.

Everything we are addicted to… appears to become more desirable, as it is outside of us because we are trying to not have to feel: what is inside of us, out of the fear of re-experiencing the trauma that originally caused us to escape and separate to begin with.

Separation from self, created the desire for escape.

Escaping what is, invariably creates further separation and the vicious circle continues.

This is precisely how addiction works!

Everyone is addicted to something…

Most people will tell you they are not. But within a few minutes the truth comes out.

Some of us are ‘addicted’ to feeling good.

But as long as anything outside of yourself is the thing you seek to make you feel good then you are addicted to that very thing and the insatiable desire for escape is feed.

We have succumbed to the illusion that the thing that makes us feel so good is stronger than our own ability to make each of us feel good! Therefore, something outside of us is stronger than we are and knows what is better for us then we do.

{This is the fear based separation mode that created all religions.}

Shouldn’t we simply feel good without any external stimulation whatsoever?

This is the natural state we are all chasing after when we go seeking outside of ourselves.

Most folks are not ‘addicted’ to toxic substances but that group is rising.

Most of us are not addicted to gambling, or sex but that is also a rising number.

All addiction arises out of this needy desire to end pain without facing its cause.

How can it be said that we are all a “NATION OF ADDICTS?”

Be sure all of us are ‘addicted’ to thinking!

The thinker in the head that runs on and on… chattering on about whatever commentary about whatever is going on in your vicinity. This is the separate sense of self!

To be addicted to this diseased mind is to be addicted to suffering!

Herein lies the TOXIC makeup of the “NATION OF ADDICTS!”

The diseased mind is the thinker that loves to judge the actions of others or self or both.

If you say you do not have an addiction to thinking, then you’re thinking too much!

After a long time of thinking without witnessing the thinker in the head, one begins to believe these thoughts to be the whole of who we are!

This can take up the whole of your life!

Everyone is in this state of the ‘New World Disorder’ called the “NATION OF ADDICTS.”

This ‘THINKING, JUDGING OBSESSION’ is the addiction that is in all of us and that makes up humanity.

A direct result of this incessant thinking is desiring and a constant searching for external gratification!

Without silence in the head? How can we ever find peace?

Peace of mind means precisely that, silence in the head.

How can we rest while the mind is so active even during sleep?


Nation of Addicts!
Chapter 2

Most people aren’t even aware they are constantly thinking.

This is an unconscious mode of living.

The old saying: “Nobody’s home!” Refers to this.

When the house holder is away the mice will play, meaning all manner of squatters can get in and take up residence in your personal space.

Then that person becomes addicted to the reactions, conversations and conflict going on constantly in the head. Who is making that racket up there?

Once we become identified with this madness as the whole of “WHO WE ARE” we have become even more separated from our true essence.


Layers like to grow more layers… and they do this very well.

The false identification with being the “me” as opposed to, but also being the “I” sets up an instant and lasting inner conflict in the human mind that manifests everywhere in our lives!

The addiction to being “me” as opposed to being “you” becomes the outward version we see in our world as exemplified in religions, clubs, secular or sacred congregations, communities, races, belief systems, lodges, genetic lines, select ‘in’ click groups, friends, good friends and best friends, career peers, men and women, governments and in separate nations.

All people and organizations have their place but this conflicted mindset tries to make them into something they are not, an absolute. This is where the apparent turns us into the apparently dysfunctional thereby possessed thought and reactions to those thoughts.

The addict is possessed by that which he or she is addicted to…

Everywhere we look we see this outward stress on the separate factions in our lives instead of seeing the frequency of oneness that underlies all of these surface expressions.

We are one people! One world and of one essence!

THIS THE ‘NATION OF ADDICTS” has long forgotten this most important quality!


Nation of Addicts!
Chapter 3

The bottom line is we are now all ‘addicted’ to our patterns.

Either behaviorally, mentally, emotionally or of any type, we are addicted to repeating the same issues that only reiterate just how badly we need to change them.

We are ‘addicted’ to thinking because if one ‘kills time’ in thinking all of the time, one is not feeling!

The “Addiction” to ‘Killing Time’ is considered to be the worst enemy to those that are afraid of dying, afraid of growing up or afraid of having to be responsible for their suffering that eventually will come to the forefront in your life!

People think time is so valuable yet they are trying to kill it!

The more they get lost in “Killing Time” by playing games, getting lost in addictions, sitting on butts entertaining their new religious worship of the digital screen ‘God’ the more they “Kill Time” the very thing we are all taught to think is so precious.

Time is not precious at all, as it is only real to the person that lives in it as it truly is, in the timeless state!

The “ADDICTION” to believing ‘linear time’ to be a constant absolute truth shapes our perception of reality, necessarily falsifying all we survey.

Who is not effected by ‘TIME’ in its linear sense?

Only those that know the timeless state as the true reality and exist firmly in the source frequency of oneness know what it means to be beyond time…

Everyone else is a part of the “Addictive Collective” or the “NATION OF ADDICTS.”

‘Denial’ of what is really happening is another totally hypocritical pattern unfolding and inciting itself to repeat once again. ADDICTS walk in circles!

We need to kill MORE TIME or ‘MAKE TIME’ {both seem to work} in order to escape. This ‘escape mechanism’ is seen as the only answer that can give the addict relief. This relief from what we pretend is not real is deemed as the primary motivation in the obsession with thinking!

Relief is continually sought after even more so after the addict realizes they are being controlled by this unhealthy pattern constantly repeating itself! The escape then must be heightened in order to cover up the increasing resistance and therefore to cover the growing pain within the mind and body.

Growing roots the denial is as never before… once one is able to see through the façade of this repeating pattern, but one chooses to go back to the old escape because they can see no way out as they know that before they were addicted they were worse off or so their patterns tell them.

The perturbation of procrastination is the “addiction” to denial. The layers grow with each poor choice.

Denial is defended by perpetual pontification…

Denial serves the mental escape mechanism so we never have to admit there is something we have to do to change. We all know deep down yet we with weakened free will choose emotional suicide! We deny change is possible yet the world is constantly changing all around us!

The “denial addiction denial association scenario” is only one level to block us from ever recognizing, never mind exploring all these layers of “addiction” we are all being led around by like a dog on a chain!

Nation of Addicts“ADDICTION IS SLAVERY!”

“Addiction” is one of the most powerful control mechanisms ever devised by the human mind! It is totally useless for any possible purpose or positive change and it exists solely to hide from the truth.

We have convinced ourselves if we put aside for later what we are feeling now, thereby suppress the emotions we are feeling we can be free of them.

The truth is the more we escape, the more we need to escape!

{Addiction and the desire to escape are a type of violence we hold inside of us. Reminds me of a title I like to use in visual Art: “CONTROL IS CONTROLLED BY IT’S NEED TO CONTROL!”}

The more we escape the less we feel, in so doing we suppress emotions, the more they get buried, stuffed down within our bodies the more we are eroding our mental, physical and emotional health.

The deeper they get buried the more difficult it is to ever access them.

In not accessing the emotions we give rise to all manner of disease, and the false feeling that suffering is a necessity and an inescapable and even an inevitable aspect of life!

The suppression of emotions gave rise to the ‘unconscious’ where we find all of our issues stored in a repository of muck and mire that is so dense we are drowning in it.

This is what we see as we are actively manifesting in our world inadvertently! This is what we see as externally expressed when we notice pollution, war, violence, rape, greed and all the rest of the inhumanities to man and woman on the rise…


Nation of Addicts!
Chapter 4

All “ADDICTION” amounts to suffering.

All suffering amounts to the avoidance of feeling.

Everyone out there thinking they can feel their deepest suppressed emotions, or even that they are not suppressing emotions are fooling themselves.

Many are feeling so many things, they can’t even define what it is they feel. They cannot even define if they are feeling their own emotions or that of others. They just know they have to think about it to figure it out.

{If you are overwhelmed with feeling too much? This is not your emotions. This is what you are taking in from others. Empathy is not a good idea for an overly sensitive person. This constitutes a lack of healthy boundaries.}

The other extreme is the person that feels nothing. This is more common in men.


As soon as the mind comes in to figure it out, the feelings are getting cut off hence suppressed!

Every human being does this and we are not taught how NOT to.

In fact we are taught early on, “Oh don’t cry baby!” We’re taught not to feel!

Most are feeling the emotions of our lovers, our family and genetic lines but not their own emotions.

But no one is ever taught to know the difference.

As long as we are feeling all this, we cannot access our own feelings…

All of these layers are far above our innermost sense of intuition therefore in the way and blocking us from venturing further down into ourselves.

There are no exceptions.

Talking about it is another way to get into the thinking mode.

Thinking necessarily negates all possibility to go deep into that feeling perception.

This is where most “talk therapy” gets you…

Once recognition is registered by the mind ‘talk therapy’ fails to take us further.

At this point we also see a lot of well-meaning folks doing energy and light work  in a further attempt to get to the bottom of these deep seeded issues.

Little do they realize what they’re enacting with or connecting to, is not at all what they “think” it is! No healing here.

It is impossible to have discernment as to what one is feeling when one has never been shown the difference between one’s suppressed emotions and those of others or all of the other types of feeling that are not at all what they appear to be.

Denial Addiction asks us why do we need to know that any way?

Those that do want to know get lost in searching in all the wrong places; {which is exactly what ADDICTION is as well.}

Here we arrive at the “addiction” to healing.

At some point the process for most people becomes addictive.

Healing is a way to get somewhere and not an end in itself.

As a means to an end, healing must come to an end to find the cure.

Who today has found the cure?

I am referring to a full emancipation from suffering. The end of illusory separation and the full release from ‘suppressed emotions’ and all that has unconsciously arisen through these avenues?

This is the only person that is qualified for me to listen to in these arenas pertaining to the effectuating of positive change in my life!

It has been our experience that all of the countless seekers out there are still seeking because they are not finding.

Why are we not finding an end to addiction?

Most are not aware they are addicted to something. So how can they get past the seeking stage if they are stuck in the addiction to being self identified with the separate sense of self?

Being identified with being healed? With being the healer? With needing a way outside of ourselves to find our essence is a never ending farce going nowhere but further away from the goal.

Most healers and alternative  healing modalities are not accessing the suppressed emotions because those practitioners have not ever explored these areas so how can we expect them to ever help anyone get to where they feel their emotions, when they are unable to reach within themselves and feel their own?

If one is not reaching the suppressed emotions within then one is not really getting very deep, as the emotions mask the heart and any possibility of entering the true subconscious. This is the real way to access our one true source essence!

We encourage anyone and everyone to not go out looking but to go within.

Delve deep and when you reach a stumbling block, impediment or obstacle get to work with someone who does and is able to reach that deep inner self we are all so desiring to access and rejoin within once again into our essence!

This is the work of cleansing brought to us by sourcemetacine.com.

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