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    Tuesday,March 26th 2019
    2:13 am

Reclaiming Our Sovereignty, Our True Source Essence

Reclaiming our sovereignty, our True Source Essence Sovereignty is essential for exiting the illusion of “The Matrix Five Possession Program!

The only way out is to disconnect ourselves from all emotional, mental, spiritual and physical hooks that give the designers and creators and maintainers of the corrupt demiurge consent to enter our fields, abduct our soul essence energy and to dominate our minds, bodies and souls…

This requires focus, meditation, discipline and resolute determination!

Practicing meditation in the “Universal Heart Sun Essence” that is present within the center of our chest is excellent and necessary for reestablishing our remembrance of our true sovereign consciousness!

It is from this state of awareness that we are able to cleanse ourselves of much of the information aforementioned in this article.

Generally, the corrupt demiurge will step up its occult soldiers to block us in any way, shape or form that it can. Therefore, it is necessary to seek help from someone who is already well experienced and has taken these steps.

Willingness to take responsibility for our suffering will also catapult us further along our path toward the freedom we so desire.

What is highly recommend, is reading the articles, “Why I Am No Longer A Light Worker” and “The Lords of Karma” written by Cameron Day. These will shed some light!

As we clear more and more of the multi-levels of illusion, all those still involved in the matrix mind mentality all around us, you will see just how they are colliding with invisible walls or how they choose collusion with the old pain causing patterns.
Those who stay with the old manipulation may disappear from your life.
You may find yourself feeling sorry for our brothers and sisters, it may be disheartening and it will definitely be disorientating!
Of this be sure…

If it wasn’t you would not be positively changing!

Be aware, these are all steps toward awakening…

Never let any of this disillusionment daunt your progress!

Never let fear derail you! Never let any duress be anything more than another inspiring force to motivate you to never stop, until you are fully cleansed from all of the conditioning, indoctrination, from all of the ill effects of corrupt demiurge’s illusionary influence, namely “The Matrix Five Possession Program!
Never stop until you are actually able to soar out of the matrix itself into multi-dimensional consciousness of your own volition, by the power of your one “True Sovereign Source Essence” thereby being completely free for eternity!

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