What is A Mystic What is A Mystic
    Tuesday,March 26th 2019
    2:10 am


Every Philosophy ever religion and wisdom tradition we know of all talk to us about a veil of illusion that has over taken out ability to know or to know ‘self’ clearly without impedance.

In India it is called Maya, illusion as well as the mother of Buddha.

Maya is the illusion we are all lost in…

Samsara is the world that gets created by our involvement in the veil of illusion.

Everything we think, feel and do is all a part of samsara.

Samsara is known by many names in every language….

In the Christian, Islamic and Jewish {Abrahamic religions} it is guilt provocation or original sin.

Wherever we go we see this perception again and again…

Nowhere is it without a high precedence… Although most see it not for what it is.

Why else would it be called “Illusion?”

In the East KARMA is the accrued amount of spiritual debt we owe and have to repay for having become OTHER than ourselves.

Ever heard of anyone having such good KARMA that they are getting past back installments from the universe? Judging ourselves is a type of karma creating a state of illusion.

We cannot all have been so bad to deserve this appalling treatment we are receiving!

Seems somebody owes us a lot of back taxes as we’ve over paying way too long!

So no one ever goes out on a limb and even asks how did we get stuck back here?

We immediately assume we are guilty without a fair trial.

No one even thinks to ask, “How did the Fall of Humanity occur?”

Does that have anything to do with this state of illusion?

In the Bible it is said, in the Garden of Eden Adam and Eve eat from the forbidden fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of good and evil.” This is the reason we are given for falling…

But how can such a vague and encrypted message mean anything to us?

What is required is we read into many of these ancient texts and find the clues hidden there.

It is like finding a needle in a haystack, but they are there….

How to decipher them is another story.

So what we have a unanimous agreement by all sources and so called wisdom traditions and spiritual authorities that there is an event that spurred on this disgraceful illusion of life known as the “Fall from Grace”.

But what was that? Why?

The point is, if we were unable to see it coming?

What was it that came upon us and caused us to FALL?

If we were all at peace as we can assume which would be our true SOUL NATURE…

What happened?

Something from outside of us got in or into us and took full advantage.

This is a logical perspective as many will agree.

SamsaraBut what? What then?

Well the realization that it did come from outside of us implies it must have been from another world.

Clearly whatever did do this or initiated this is still around as things just are not getting any better!

Nor, will they ever! If we just sit around and wait for these atrocities to fix themselves!

This is precisely where we start! As this article ends and our work begins….

Where we have left off is to admit there is not only something drastically wrong with humanity and our world but there is something beyond all this still hanging around instigating this spiritual crisis to continue!

If that isn’t enough to begin? What is?

One more thing?

It is those same spiritual authorities that also all agree on one other thing.

They agree there is a God and there is an anti-God.

There is enough information here to spur on quite an investigation……

You are welcome to join us!

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