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    Tuesday,March 26th 2019
    2:07 am

Source of the Universe

The Source of the Universe is within you.

It is not a being but an essence, it is essence that gives rise to being and nonbeing.

Being the Source there is NO Persona, NO need for anything more…Just essence beyond understanding.

This has been called mental but it further down and far deeper. Rather it is the Source of mind as consciousness!

What lies beyond understanding? But the Source of it?

Beyond the mind there are emotions and below them are subtle energies and at the bottom of all things there is the essence of all that is real and unreal. There is a type of feeling that gains us access to the true self!

A Feeling not like any of us have ever felt before, deep below those emotions…

This awareness is infinite but requires practice being so far below emotions and thoughts……

Being so far below what we have so wrongly for centuries been confusing ourselves with….

The Source within you does not communicate as if it were a separate being!

The Source does not speak!
Does not need to communicate as there is nothing to communicate with or to….

The Source within you is the wholeness of all. Who else is there for this to speak to? No one.

The Source is oneness complete and whole. What need would this have of communicating?

Communicating is a sign of being desirable or having desire.

Desire requires something separate to desire after.

The Source within you is within all of us hence how could there be an outside or separate essence to communicate with? It takes two to communicate! Therefore all communication with words is a sign of separation! Not wholeness of essence.

If one is receiving information in words or in familiar terms, emotions or symbols, then we are communicating with another being not the ever silent SOURCE!

There are beings however that are in Source Reality and come to visit however rarely…

Unless one has learned to go deep into their center and feel that center to also be the Galactic Sun within all things then one will not be able to sense the very subtle presence of true source reality beings that only come here to do a quick job and just as quickly disappear.

Anyone making contact often with similar communications is channeling.

All channeling is with something foreign. {See article: ‚ÄúMediums and¬†Channeling‚ÄĚ}

So we can see the existence of Language is not a tool at all but one of the greatest detriments to true feeling essence telepathy within the SOUL of Source Reality!

The Source of the Universe is not anything we know of, can speak of without inaccuracy, or can ever communicate with as how can one talk to oneself without being two people?

One can feel instantly this essence, one instantly knows what is to be done without communicating.

To know of… implies knowledge as in something acquired through the senses.

While speaking to an entity claiming to be the ‚ÄúCreator of the Universe‚ÄĚ you may want to point out to them that there is no single creator of the Universe with one single voice and the true creator is made up of all voices put together therefore without any voice at all!

The essence is the source of the voice and the silence.

Anyone making claim to be such an all-powerful omnipotent being is a liar, a weakling and without question an astral parasite trying to get you to pray, conjure or do some type of energy work through them so they can feed on you!

This goes for all other channeled beings… communications, readings and mediums.

{This is where we find the majority of healers and light workers working from.}

Simply put, the presence beneath everything is not what we are taught to ‚Äėbelieve in‚Äô and to think that this is divine guidance is to be an accomplice or a victim of fraud.
What we think we feel is not true inner feeling but disruptive interfering transmissions.

How else can we know the difference but by having these experiences to compare with other types?

It is like talking to yourself. If you start realizing the reason why we do this is because we are identified with the little me and the ‚ÄúI‚ÄĚ that are separate. Yet we are only one person! Which are you?

If you are one of those people that does talk to themselves from time to time don’t worry too much, but you  might want to look into who it is you are really talking to, especially if you are getting answers and questions from their input!

Most people believe they are talking to God when they pray or at other times.

People will claim this gives them comfort or how dare you tell me such a thing?

This is the false identification with OTHER defending itself!

Other is NEVER a good thing and NEVER a good idea to seek-self outside self.

Whatever you want to call them, this God is not a good one!

Herein lies the MASK MAKER in disguise!

That is surely not your SOUL ESSENCE talking to itself!

Deep inner knowing is possible where there is no blockages to our innermost center self.

The True Source Reality of the Universe can only be accessed by going deep within HEART SELF!

It is here we return to ESSENCE….

If we do not learn to remember to do this consciously be sure we will not be able to go home at the time of death!

There is no other true HOME FOR ANY OF US TO RETURN TO….

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