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    Tuesday,March 26th 2019
    2:07 am

The Easy Way Out

Conscious Choices are extremely important!

As we have seen, making poor choices can bring back all of the clearing work we have done.

This is something that is vitally important to recognize.

With the outbreak of poor choices related to the Love Bite, False Light Healers, Ego Channeled Readings, we are seeing our friends and groups being targeted by the Matrix Mind.

Alarmingly, this is only the beginning.

Whenever we choose to follow the ‘Easy Way Out’, we are making bad choices. This is normal for most people without true keen discernment.

Even all our greatest intentions are constantly being used against us on a subconscious level. With each step forward we take, there are other programs to replace those programs we have just cleared, or believe ourselves to have transcended.

Above all, our conscious choices must be clear and made out of the wholeness of essence, not from the ‘Ego God Program’ that is running in everyone’s heads.

If you believe that this does not apply to you, then you are one of the most controlled by this!!!

Even people who have done emotional work and other subconscious work, and are grounded in Gaia and source reality, CAN STILL BE CHANNELLING FALSE LIGHT!

Not only is this a fact, but it is also a reality poisoning many well meaning searchers.

We are seeing RESETS occurring in all folks coming out of these so called overnight healings, or healing abilities due to one or two sessions, rather than doing the real work of a lifetime.

One can tell people have fallen for the next phase of programing, {or the RESET}, as they are so excited about jumping into being something they are not, while also needing to convert people to their new found religious fervor!

They are irresponsibly doing sessions on clients when they have no background, no training and no experience.  They are completely lost in this idea of spreading ‘The Easy Way Out’ RESET of the MATRIX, like another disease to conform people to the next stage of poisoning.

There is “NO” Easy Way Out of a technological prison that has more layers on each of us than can ever be estimated, never mind counted, by the human mind.

As long as you identify with thoughts, or any pattern of thinking, such as knowing the EASY WAY OUT and wanting to convert others to this delusional intoxication that comes from suppressing one’s personal and emotional issues, you can be sure that this is the MATRIX LEADING YOU DOWN THE WRONG PATH!!

If you resist this idea, then that resistance is the Matrix God on you right now!

It is in and on everyone incarnate!

There are no exceptions!

In the name of healing and Sovereignty….

We are seeing people getting ideas in their heads that are inaccurate, counterproductive and self-destructive to any forward movement in themselves and they are misleading others who follow them.

How many are serving the Matrix in our world without even knowing?

Clearly the majority!

What goes for the majority also goes for those in this category called of being ‘Unplugged’ that are irresponsibly doing healing work, readings, channeling without discernment, training and even thinking that this could be anything but positive.


The Easy Way Out Program


The ‘Easy Way Out Program’ is active and running in all people still making choices based on what they have been indoctrinated to think is the right way to live.

Those among us who have done personal work will not be able to break free from the Old New Age Religious Program that tells us: “all we have to do is this one thing, wither it be meditate everyday, energy work, exercise, eat well, look at our emotional patterns, although these are all good it is not enough to get free from the MATRIX.”

People are being controlled by the belief that having one healing session will resolve all of their issues! If one cannot see just how ludicrous this is? Then one has not yet begun to discern, hence, they have not yet begun to choose consciously, which means they have not yet begun to heal!

The hard truth is none of us are free from the Matrix even if we have even done a lot of Subconscious work.

Being reconnected to Source Reality is only the very beginning. There is still a huge part of us inundated with A.I. Programing that is defining our choices and our lives, as we are still being controlled by the Pre-Written Script of our lives!

Our minds are inhabited and controlled by this original Programmer, or False God.

There is a fine line between the “Thinker in the Head” and our ESSENCE coming through our Hearts. The discernment to know the difference is difficult for everyone. Few have been able to pierce the walls of illusion and discern between the LIES we believe in from the Truth that can only be felt!

Who among us can make this claim?

If you do, you are sure to be the most lost!

It is a constant state of being on your toes. One can only suspect the same old programing and manipulations from all we are told and know. Because, at the root level, this all comes from the manipulations of the Matrix Mind Constructs in us.


Active Positive CHOICES are necessary to get free!

This doesn’t sound like it is too much to manage.

But most people do not seem to move past the initial energy work. We have to choose with careful discernment and tender loving care to move forward.

This becomes clearer as we go, if we are clearing our belief systems properly.

Most people do not even know what a Positive Choice is. They are unaware that the external world programing, altered brain wave infiltration, thought projector implants, emotional parasite entities, False Light ego, subconscious False protectors, merger shadows, nano chips, mind and soul fragmentation, and countless other infiltrations from within us and from without ARE DOING the THINKING FOR US!

Who is doing your Choice Making in our head for you??

This confusion goes especially for what psychics are reading and channeling.  Even those connected to Source Reality are not necessarily getting accurate information, due to the immense amount of interference in their minds.

Things like the use of subliminals are counteracting our ability to allow our Essence to guide us through this fathomless pit of programing!

Affirmations of self are good, but it is only you who can affirm for yourself!

Are you serious about getting free from the Matrix Mind Linear Time Continuum?

If so, there is a great surprise in store for you!

To realize you may well be connected to Source Reality, more than ever before in this lifetime. But, you are still under the reigns of being controlled in ways you cannot even imagine.

You may well (and should be) disturbed by this information. But how can we take it and use it to drive us away from the past programs? How do we become more diligent in cultivating our discernment and humbleness? How do we tread lightly in these matters that so many claim to be the authority on?

These are the lessons we all must learn.

Why is this so?

The amount of control machinations is barely even scratched the surface.

How do we know when we are not in control?

We are still controlled if we cannot stop our thoughts.

We are still controlled if we cannot stop trying to feed this special sense of self that must be labeled SPECIAL, recognized, and constantly getting attention. This is the False Self in action in all of us!

Being SPECIAL always means being at the expense of someone else not being so special!

It is a root of dualistic thinking and one-upmanship therefore non-equality!

This separates us.

We are referring to the false identification that comes from wanting to be something or someone other than who we are! False Identification with the illusion a past life incarnation as an Elemental, a Multidimensional or any other higher density being, takes us away from who we are and from being here and now!

These pretentions are often used as evidence for the lie that one has become a seasoned healer overnight! This irresponsible need to be something one is not is a form of the scarcity/poor self-worth syndrome.

People want to be someone else because they hate who they are!

Here we see our unresolved issues coming up in our life. We can ignore these issues by choosing a make-believe life, and with that, a make-believe life purpose. Or, we can choose to see through the traps and face our issues in order to heal.

No fantasy can ever be real, so we must come out of it sooner or later. Usually too late! Fantasizing or living a fantasy life is an addition.  Like any other addiction, this is a coping mechanism to suppress the fear of a perceived failure. Most of us feel we have failed, once we realize we are stuck in the Matrix Mind.

When we first face the fact that we are living in a fantasy world full of illusions, we see entitlement issues come up. Entitlement means we feel we should be left to live out our dreamy life, which invariably comes crashing down on us. When this happens, we seek satisfaction in trying to return to the old pattern of fantasizing things were different. All addictions keep us believing in our fantasies because they provide us this instant master fix. People get strange ideas from being addicted to fantasies. Moreover, they react awfully when confronted with their addictions. Often, people violently attack, as if the person helping them to see the falsity of their ways were taking away their whole life. But, of course, it is only the false life fantasy that is being seen through. We have seen people, with no prior experience, suddenly decide they can do similar or equal work as highly trained practitioners of many decades can do, just because this serves their illusion. What is the root of this illusion? It is simply the fear of facing their core issues, which people will do anything to avoid. Some people will spend their whole lives living a lie, to finally wake up. Others may never wake up! It is up to each of us whether we want to die and, therefore, return to an illusion, or if we want to face the music and really heal. How else can we ever break free from the Matrix Mind world we think we inhabit, but it is what inhabits us!

All spiritual practices run into this silliness. It is nothing new.

However, it is seen through for what it is and can be dispensed with immediately, if one faces their issues. Here on these internet forums, few things get reformed without a ton of drama.  So many unsuspecting folks also get pulled into this programed response mechanism feeding the drama as it comes up in them.

We are here and now, therefore, we must come into self-awareness of first being human. This recognition is just more programming to release, like the false identification with any incarnation. These are necessary steps to transcend the Matrix Mind that tells us what being human is.

All incarnations are not our primary essence as a Source Reality being. They are valid, yes, as we had those experiences and places we have visited. But mainly, these experiences are being made aware of not to feed the false light ego! But to heal us! As there is work to do to clear our issues from those places, which can only be done here and now in this life by recognizing those same issues in us and working through them.

To view information and to use it to convince oneself, or others, they are something they are not is a desecration of truth and contradictory of our purpose here.

This work is sacred and must be respected.

Without the Source Reality Self deep within you, there is no hope of freedom from suffering.

Most assuredly, anyone escaping from this present life, in all these different ways, is suffering deeply and suppressing that pain by calling in all these illusionary fantasies to cover it up.

It becomes quite obvious when we see these folks in the light of their own inner knowing, which is what they are unable to do.  Because of their choice to suppress issues, we can only offer to cultivate their own inner knowing by being and remaining real to our own realization of our Source Reality self.

If they ask for help and choose to be cleared, it is all we can do.

We should celebrate and support our brothers and sisters willing to see their issues, their escapes and support their efforts!

If we are not clearing, we are not healing or getting activated.

No reading or channeling will bring this about, no matter how good the intention is or how clear the person is.

Expressing Source Reality in form has been so distorted, we have no point of reference to contrast what is real and what is not real.

So, the best thing to do is to not get readings, not do channeling and definitely not seek a separate sense of self in some past idea one may have or have been given by a psychic as this all serves the illusion and causes us more separation.

Be yourself now! All else is illusion, fantasy and fiction! Fantasy feeds pain!

Fantasizing is a form of addiction.

The desire for these illusions to be real feeds the EGO GOD. It is a form of escape and an addiction to words, especially well written words, as in these Tales of Phantasmagoria. People are desiring to enter into fantasy novels and science fiction, which is all the False Light pushing your buttons of excitement, and the need to feel special or entitled claiming it is truth, when it really is selfishness!

All options of short cuts are nothing but this “EASY WAY OUT” desire being fed and which most people are controlled by in one way or another.

Becoming more responsible for one’s suffering is a great priority in ever going forward in this work.

When we see most people seeking a quick fix.

Always remember….

The ‘Easy Way Out’ is the Matrix trapping you in again, every time.

We can do the work properly, without getting illusions of grandeur, without fantasizing about having powers and abilities over other beings. In fact, we have not begun to do the work until we keep in check these illicit destructive egoic desires.

Another purpose for all these seemingly desirable phantasmagorical advantages, which are really disadvantages, is to get us to forget about raising our vibration.

Being into this dreamy fable of me, being self-absorbed in this fantasy world, we are forgetting our Source Reality activations that open us up, clear the lockdowns on the heart, and raise our vibration. Nothing else will bring this about. What could be more important?

These activations are vital in clearing the matrix from us.

The purpose of getting these activations is to heighten our vibration!

This is an essential part of the work, which is being covered up by all the self-seeking in being special or having special powers others do not have. There is no greater hindrance than this “Super Ego God Complex Program”,  Hindering movement forward in this work.

You can be sure that the information and healing activations one is given are not meant to be taken as a focus for our need to feel special. These activations and abilities are to raise the collective vibration, and to think that one is more special than anyone else because of them will necessarily nullify them!

These false beliefs act as emotional hooks to pull us into covering up pain causing programs, which are deviously devised to make us think this was true and feed the EGO GOD in the HEAD!

Can anyone really fall for the idea that these story book lies, placed above the real Source Activations, are real and we can use them to be super heroes in our lives now?

The lie serves the MATRIX MIND and is spreading more CONTROL GRIDS throughout everyone who gets lost in these ideas, especially those attempting to make a practice of these self-destructive powers.

If there is a “SPECIAL” one, then, that immediately makes the rest of us a not so special person.

This is the same Savior Construct we see in religions, but in disguise. There is no savior but the heart within you! Any outside savior is just more entitlement and one-upmanship, which is what the Matrix Mind is built on.

With advancement, there is always a propensity to be proud.  However, without the humbleness of true detachment and discernment, we are not accomplishing anything but replacing one program with another.

This is the true state of non-healing devolution of the so called newly awakened healers, appearing on the scene without discernment, nor training, nor any possibility of healing others.

What is being accomplished is the spreading of the toxicity of the Matrix Mind Disease, and nothing good is coming from this!

If we do not learn the lessons, discontinue seeking to be healers, or seeking to heal others without the discipline and dedication of decades of valuable practice and study with a mentor who is whole of mind, body and soul, there will be no other result but failure, as that is what seeking the “easy way out” is, even before it starts!

There is a way out.

It is neither easy nor is it quick, but it is worth the work to find true peace!

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