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    Tuesday,March 26th 2019
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The Ten Commandments

1.     “I am the Lord Thy “God” who has brought you out of the house of bondage!”

Who is this “God” that is guilting us into making choices we need not make?

What is this bondage we have been brought out of? Are we not still in bondage?

To state these things is to be demanding, superior and even seeking payback.

Is this the job of a superior being? What makes anyone superior to another?

The word “who” is carefully placed in this sentence, so as to make it appear as this so called “God” or supreme being is a person or has a persona therefore is not above anyone else and is a conspiring predator capable of all manner of dishonesty or lies.

This is the father of all liars!

Stating you have been given something you have not is a well laid plan of trickery unfolding. Leading us into a trap. The trap of following blindly that is observed as “faith!” By the religious or by the ignorant.

2.     “I am the Lord Thy “God” thou shall not have any false gods before me!”

Ok invasive isn’t it? So this is basically commanding us to give up our freedom of choice and to love this idea of a “God” that commands us more then anything else! Even though he has made himself invisible to us. No doubt because he is afraid if we see him we will never follow a psychopathic tyrant!

This is always clouded over with the idea of you are being tested. You will past the test if you trust in your faith. Who trusts in a liar? A manipulator? And a parasite?

A god of love commands us to love him? How does this make any sense?

Religious people everywhere believe “God” is the universal soul that is no thing hence a non-entity. Which is far more accurate indeed. But then they get all fouled up by getting caught in this “Father God” that is making commands.

There is no impersonal, no thingness that makes commands.

So it is safe to say that those that wrote down these “commands” were men with an agenda. Possibly the one they called Moses.

Most likely however what we are reading has been written at a later time and been re-adjusted later by politicians to control the masses through religion.

Still this “God” they all profess to love and to follow is capable of dishonesty, manipulation and the destruction of everything we hold dear.

How is this so?

This “God” that is behind the idea and the societal system of hierarchy is at the top. Hence this is the supreme responsibility to be held for all that has been manifested due to his interference in human affairs by effacing us with rules and regulations namely these “commandments!”

3.     “Thou shall not take the lord’s name in vain or the lord that not hold him guiltless that takes his name in vain!”

Taking the lord’s name in vain? Is this not proof that this self proclaimed “Lord God” is a person or has a personal nature?

A truly no thingness or all pervading essence such as the universal heart of the universe would not speak in human words. Nor would such a deep inner most heart be interested in speaking words as the “word” is not a way of true communication!

It is a sign of the loss of true communication!

On the soul level we do not speak aloud! That is going away from the essence within and speaking outwardly. No, this speaking is a sign of subterfuge…

But just as the 3rd commandment clearly states “The lord’s name” this is proof that this “God” is a figure. This is not just an interpretation of the words but is a subjective persona speaking to us making a disclaimer.

We are being told I have a name and don’t use it or else!

If you do you will regret it!

You will be held guilty for this crime…

But what is the crime in taking a person’s name in vain?

It is all about control and instilling fear into the hearts of any of us that would question the lucidity of these words that have effected humanity so profoundly for the worse for thousands of years.

The personal spirit religions worship is not the impersonal oneness that never speaks in words because it has nothing shallow to say! It never acts because it is the cause of all the actions acted out by all incarnate beings.

It never needs to make commandments because there is none or very little interest in what is going on out here in this surface reality.

The one true source essence is not outside of us so there is no one to talk to and therefore there is no one to make or to command commandments!

4.     Thou shalt keep the Sabbath holy.

The Sabbath is the 6th day of the week we call Saturday.

Remember to keep the lord’s day holy is another interpretation.

How do we keep a day of the week holy?

Is this not to say that then every other day is not holy?

Here we see more separation. But this time it is represented in a day. A unit of time that is presupposed to be owned by the lord.

Here we not only have another instilment of guilt but also an overall feeling that we too are not worthy to be considered holy! This is what religion does it makes itself and it’s “God” concept self holier than thou!

The guilt comes from the hidden implication that if one day is the lords that one must be a good day while the rest of the time that is 6 sevenths of the time is less holy, or unworthy of “God” taking notice!

The guilt comes in when we feel this heavy burden of being judged as something less, far less than who we are…

We are not more or less then we are! We simply are!

Here we see another twisted suggestive form of misinformation being perpetrated upon the human mind and heart for the purpose of causing confusion to keep those that enforce these “commandments” in power.

5.     Honor your father and your mother so that your days may be long upon the land which the Lord Thy God gives you.

To honor our father and mother is really not something we need to be told, is it?

Who does not love their loved ones?

Unless they are specifically very horrible or abusive. So why tell us this?

This “Lord Thy God” persona also acts as a father figure and this is the tie in.

When this oath or commandment is instilled into the subconscious a person will treat anyone including all those “equated” with their father and mother!

This is the hook. With this hoof comes the pressure to honor or hold onto all the dysfunction of one’s genetic line so to continually repeat those same issues, mistakes and heartbreaks!

In ancient times one’s parents were the representatives of their ancestors.

One’s ancestors includes all the benevolent family but also all of those malevolent souls that have caused this world much suffering. This “commandment is requiring us to embrace all of their issues and karma as our own. Thereby securing all of us to suffer the same repeating patterns that are so devastatingly painful and traumatic in all aspects of our lives…

To add to this contractual sub clause, there is the additional final phrase that lays on that same instillment of guilt once again!

Basically if you do not honor all that lies within this sneaking commandment then you may not live as long as you’d like! Sounds to me more like death threat from this all loving “God” than anything else.

Remember there is no “God” that controls life and death. Only a psychopath that pretends to and upholds this insanity with fear and guilt!

6.     “Thou shall not kill!”

Once again an extremely obvious point made for other reasons.

Anyone can see “killing” is not a good idea nor is it something any sane person needs to be told not to do!

Let’s pretend we are dealing with complete idiots and all these idiots were morons in the times of the old testament, “which is clearly not true”.

So that is the reason we were given when I was an inquisitive youth.

What is not always included in this, is it is a reserved right of “God” to have the say over who lives and who dies.

What this means is, if a true god being had this power why would he need to state the obvious? He would not!

This leads to see the motive behind this is for him to get us to believe this, to agree to it and therefore for this false god parasite to get over on us once again.

By giving up our rights to choose how long and what we desire to do in this life as well as how long we will stay here for we are inadvertently agreeing to an implicit contract that says we must be born and die when we are told to!

Not before and not after, we must follow the rules called the commandments.

Again, why would an all powerful loving god have to make such obvious statements?

But for the one reason of fulfilling an agenda?

This is the agenda religion and society was created to fulfill…

7.     “Thou shalt not commit adultery.”

Again this one has some hidden meanings…

Clearly the word “adultery” means one thing to us.

But in those times, it meant quite a different thing entirely.

One was supposed to follow the guidance of the rabbi as to who one should marry. Therefore, the rabbi decided who was to have sex with who.

By adhering to this the seventh commandment you are allowing the false god and his disciples to take control over who you are intimate with.

It is not just the choice of the free will that is being sacrificed but it is the sexual energy that is being stolen for the greater good. What that means is the truly pious are supposed to give to “God” all of their desires, sexual experiences and pleasure.

Therefore, nothing of our life is ours! It is owned by “God!”

Getting the picture?

This Lord Thy God wants everything we have in fact the commandments are requiring us to give up all we are to this parasite false god!

So we can see the pious and devotional idea of sacrificing oneself or of offering up one’s life to the Lord Thy God really means allowing this separate being to possess us as his property.

This also includes all forms of possession. Yes, that’s right!

This is nothing less than spirit or soul possession!

Lovely way to live in holiness. Isn’t it?

8.     Thou shall not steal!”

Again let’s state the obvious with one hand so that you can’t see that I am stealing from you with my other hand!

Where do you think that all dishonesty, all of man’s inhumanity to man has come from?

Ever ask yourself this? Ever get an intelligent answer?

These commandments are designed so as no one ever gets the right answer. You may get an intelligent formulation based on speculation but where’s that get us?

Who is doing the stealing?

Why is our attention being brought to stealing?

When you are looking for these answers you will never realize you are being stolen from! You are too preoccupied with the good old deflection trickery at work.

How many people will argue that this sacred writing must be taken for face value?

Countering, as if this is so profound and wonderfully transformative?

Then why is it that people are still doing the same awful things to each other as they were at the time of this writing? {Please don’t speak to me about evolution!}

Making commands upon a free person proves that this person is not free!

Anyone being commanded to do or to not do anything is not living in a state of freedom! This is the state of oppression!

Religion and these commandments are the ground work for this despicable agenda!

9.     Thou shalt not bare false witness.”

This one is so prefect! It is the perfect example of one who points the finger generally is the one at fault.

This means, if a person is super upset about any given injustice they see or hear about, this is because this is one of their biggest issues being triggered by just hearing about the event. Only a projection is enough to bring back trauma…

If one person is conniving in a cunningly devious way to get over on others, they can usually revert all attention from themselves with a distraction. DEFLECTION IS WHAT AUTHORITY IS ABOUT!

So why not shed the illusion of dishonor and disrespect we are being imposed with?  Why pretend we are free when our rules, regulations and COMMANDMENTS are the shackles that bind us?

Let’s trade in the need to command others as a substitute for real freedom.

Let’s take a look at those dubious suspects that are hiding behind the scenes. The position of authority should be one solely focused on humble service for and to the people and never to take advantage of anyone! Those planning on receiving profitable outcomes or incomes from manipulating their power to appear righteous are what this commanding religion is at it’s source! A travesty of justice…

Those responsible for the making and the following of these COMMANDMENTS are following an agenda that is well engineered in order to revert all possibility of us ever figuring out what is really going on…

This is a typical diversion technique done by thieves.

This is precisely what is being executed here by the all loving liar.

Wholesale guilt on demand! Anyone?

10.    Thou shall not covet thy neighbors house. You shall not covet your neighbor’s wife, his manservant, his maidservant, his ox, his ass, nor anything that is your neighbor’s.

This last commandment really says it all without actually stating what it’s saying.

First the whole idea of “coveting” what’s not yours could have easily been stated. But the deliberate input of this hierarchical list of priorities as a way to program us is intended to instill in us a new idea or a new way of perceiving what is most valuable in our lives! Well at least in our externally derived lives.

What we see being propagated is the false sense of self that is falsely identified with the externals of life. As if any of these will be able to fulfill us spiritually.

This reverse psychology works quite well.

When we are told what not to do or what not to like; we generally take up those same beliefs and begin to desire after that which they promise to return to a person’s life.

As with all the commandments there is an underlying motive going on.

This one sets us up for another chain of what’s right from what’s wrong scenarios.

The patriarchal imperative as the basis for our society is deeply programed into this commandment. Yet it is presented here without making it appear to be what it is.

We are presented with a hierarchal father like god figure looking out for us while we are being “force fed” a huge pile of feces!

Placed before us in order of importance we are presented with this list representing the most desirable of things to covet of your neighbors.

Did people care about any of this before these scriptures made it appear to be the things in life we are missing out on and therefore making them into the most desirable things we could ever salivate after? Not likely!

Here we see or hear the one true god of misogyny at work in these lines of invasive indoctrination!

A man’s wife seems to be second to his house! Outrageous!

Another man’s property is how this is presented. Hence the ownership of women and of slaves! Slavery is of coarse a biggie with this false god as he assumes ownership over all of us! What better way to instill the presence of slavery as a norm than by doing it this way? On the sly…

The desirability of your neighbor’s manservant? maidservant? All kinds of ideas here.

Not to mention, coveting your neighbor’s ass and ox. Refuse to touch these!

What is not mentioned to be your neighbor’s property?

Nothing seems to be left out.

With this one might go back to the loss of ownership of all possession would include one’s own person. With one’s person it can be concluded the loss of oneself!

In retrospect:

The existence of the “commandments” are proof that there is a false god out there manipulating human destiny by implanting us with all of these curious obstacles to realizing the absolute truth that can only be accessed from within ourselves.

With the advent of this “God” menace we have lost the inner self awareness and with it we have become slaves to a separate sense of self or false identification with the external that is most appropriately exemplified by this toxic “commanding god” worship complex!

{see article, “religious worship exposed.”}

The Ten CommandmentsA god of righteousness needs to make demands upon his children?

To what end should we submit to an invisible commander?

10 thou shall not sure sounds like a lot of ‘knots!’

What are we tied into in all of this? How bidding is it?

As bidding as the stone tablature it was written on!

Does this ever go away?

Only if we make the effort to take it off of us…

Anything that has been imposed upon a free person can be removed as soon as one is willing to seek out the layers and peel them away!

We really have no choice but to cleanse ourselves or remain downtrodden.

Like all the guilt imposed upon us for not complying to what is unfair?

It can be removed but with determination and fortitude…

A double edged sword that cuts you no matter which way you point it.

So why hold onto all this grief that comes from these commanded programs?

Thou shalt not enjoy life?

Thou shall not have sex?

But it’s ok to be fruitful and multiply?

Nothing like this god of confusion to cause more sin.

It is the one that named sin that is the creator of it!

The only god of commanding is the god of all sin.

This false parasite god is the only sinner! The instigator and manipulator of all the nastiness we think is our fault but we have been manipulated in to doing to each other!

Take a look around! Reevaluate!

Has any of this indoctrination done anyone any good? Ever?

Being as all who point the finger of betrayal and blame are truly guilty of the same crime! Safe to say we have the culprit that’s too slimy to tag down.

We don’t need to capture an elusive opponent.

All we have to do is to make it so this god can’t feed on us anymore!

Look into the eyes of an insane person. There he is at work!

The illusion of possession possesses the possessor!

It takes one to know one!

The toxic avenger is an all loving god?

The god of judgment is free from judgment?

This is the god of confusion who else created suffering?

This is the god of suffering humans are worshipping!

Who would be insane enough to worship the one that tortures them?

Not me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Healthy boundaries are required before we all can see the extent of this possession.

Thou shall not tell others what they shall not!

{First and only law of freedom and of the universe!}

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