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What is Sleep?

What is Sleep? Is there one answer to this deceptively simple question?

Like anything deep, the answer will be a multi leveled one.

“What is Sleep?” Is a question being asked by every inquisitive person since before the appearance of the written word. No one seems to have the answer. However, the mystic does realize: The ability to understand anything as mysterious as the sleep state will require directly accessing that state consciously as well as subconsciously.

What makes it mysterious and unknowable to us is its unconscious nature.

Hence being actively awake during the DREAM STATE or the unconscious aspects of sleep must be examined…

How to be awake while we are asleep is an enigmatic statement but one that cannot be clarified so easily any other way…

By returning from that experience to retain the essence of a where we are going and what went on is enough to make a re-integrative shift in healing process.

In turn, by retaining the feeling of this new awareness, a deeper unification having been made will continually be manifested WITHIN the subconscious. This is the only real way to come to some deeper realization of the true inner workings and inner meaning of sleep.

But first we must intellectually comprehend what this entails.

What is Sleep?

(Chapter 2)

What is Sleep? Can be answered by the naming of what is synonymous with the sleep state.

What is synonymous with sleep is rest, rejuvenation, healing, yin, and renewal, but there are also some contradictory aspects that too are synonymous with sleep.

Dreaming is interpreted as an aspect of sleep although we do refer to something called day dreaming in our culture. In Freudian and Jungian psychoanalysis or psychotherapy the working out of daily issues is thought to be done in the dream state.

Many define sleep as an unconscious state.

Others claim: we are conscious during dreams. Which is it?

We are always conscious even in what is known as the “unconscious” state. We are just not able to access our conscious awareness then. This too is true of the sleeper as well. These differences and their similarities will be discussed further on…

But what is an unconscious state? The total lack of consciousness would require that we do not dream.

Death or the “Big Sleep” might be considered the true “Unconscious State.”

There is a spiritual practice known as “Lucid Dreaming” that takes place completely in the ‘sleeping dream state’. Whereby the dreamer is able to be “awake” or CONSCIOUSLY AWARE in the dream while sleeping!

This lasting LUCIDITY requires lots of practice, as it requires a person to be fully aware or present in their body all of the time and with this comes the ability to put one’s self to sleep at any given time.

When one is able to have “Waking Dreams” during sleep, one can control the events in the dream state with the imagination. This is effective in lessening the conflict that often goes on during the infiltration of our dreams from the astral realm.

Although SLEEP does directly interact with the subconscious which is active during sleep; the most important activation and clearing of shadow fragments, blockages and other obstructions in the subconscious mind go uninterrupted and continue to be interfering with our mental, emotional and physical well being.

These obstructions can be attributed to these astral infiltrations.

The result of this practice is a certain prowess in ‘playing’ or in the controlling of the “Lucid Dream State” and a heightened mental focus but no real lasting shift of consciousness can be achieved through this practice.

This is the attempt at mastering what we referred to before as remaining “conscious” during the sleep state….

What Is Sleep?

(Chapter 3)

What is Sleep? Is a question accepted to have no answer whose widespread importance goes underestimated in some peoples’ minds. This unexplored subject that is effecting every human being. Well at least those that find it necessary to sleep at night! Clearly this is a highly relevant subject we know very little about.

Other attempts have been made in this area more recently by modern science.

All sleep science and sleep scientists are limited only to the observations of the physical form and any fluctuations the body may have. This science has been around for over 50 years and they admit that their findings are negligible. Does this qualify as a “science?” You decide…

Sleep is still a vague area that professionals have been unable to gain any real insight into for over 50 years?

Sounds to me like they might be asleep on the job!

What Is Sleep?

(Chapter 4)

There are three types of sleep. There are the gates of delirium at the first onset of drowsiness and that slow descent into the subconscious. Then there are the deeper true subconscious levels of sleep which include the REM or Rapid Eye Movement stage equated with the Theta Brain Wave state.

{Most of us, however are not actually entering the Theta Brain Wave State. Most people are fluctuating between a Theta brain wave and an interference anomaly close to that vibrational state but not at all a healthy one. This applies to most who meditate or do healing work! This is why we recommend the “Genius Brain Power musical massage recordings to realign our sleep as well as all the other Brain Wave States we are so sourly out of tune with.}

During these the deepest aspects of the Sleep State, so much happens we should be aware of…

This is the “Unconscious” state {which follows}. At this time we connect to the “Unconscious Mind!”

This is that very deep state where we feel almost dead. We’ve all heard that saying: “He’s dead to the world!” When someone is sleeping so SOUNDLY, so deeply they cannot be awakened easily. Here is where we forget our dreams and most everything else that goes on during the sleep state. This is a dark murky unnatural area, equated with forgetfulness.

There are many other aspects of these three states but we are not going to go into them here.

What is Sleep?

(Chapter 5)

When we ‘SLEEP’ with our partner we share the Dream State or portions of ours are interacted with by our ‘Sleep Mate.’

This is also true for anyone when we sleep in their vicinity while they too are sleeping!

This sharing of ‘Dream Space’ with another or others also creates a gateway for their and your issues to be shared while we are in this, the most vulnerable state of consciousness.

Often times everyone in our entire household are interacting or at least the interfering astral beings that are with your loved ones come into us through the Dreams of our loved ones.

This can be the cause of great suffering and discomfort and even disease.

The Gates of Delirium are the transitional levels of the sleep state between the conscious mind and entering the subconscious.

“Dormiveglia” is the space that stretches between sleeping and waking. This is a general term referring to the surface appearance of “Human Dormancy” that occurs during sleep.

“Dormiveglia” refers to the time when we are unable to protect ourselves, we are dormant to the forces that are encroaching upon our minds, bodies and souls. The Gala is the feast or the party they are having on us as their prey.

Hence ‘Dormiveglia’ means the party we are the host of when we are being invaded during the DREAM or the SLEEP STATE.

“When all men are awake, the yogi is asleep and when all men are asleep, the yogi is awake!” Krishna to Arjuna in the Bhagavad-Gita.

People who see themselves clearly, are waking up. People who only see what is outside of them are asleep to what is real. This is the nature of illusion.

The Gita is telling us, in order to wake up we must use our will power to choose wisely in what we create in our surroundings {beginning with the company we keep} and therefore in our reality. By going inward, we are taking back this ability!

Real wisdom comes first from having healthy boundaries.

What the world calls ‘wisdom’ is not at all what we think it is!  The Wisdom of this uniform Worldly definition is formulated through opinionated judgements upon our experiences and really is more of a clever cunning.

This type of wisdom I call the wise that spite themselves.

Here in this mindset, what is wise equals what is dumb. I always thought this word we all respect called wise-dom was suspect having the wise and the ‘dom’ of dominate in it that we pronounce as dumb! How we approach most things of great importance seems the same, this also applies to the DREAM STATE.

Choosing the company we keep during sleep is a huge step forward in awakening consciousness, becoming clear enough to know what is really going on and getting out of the cat and mouse game we are all in with the false GOD.

This sense of domination could not be more prevalent during the Dream State as it also is during the Full Moon! This is the worst time for the imposition or the infiltration of our Dream State.

Metaphorically: many of us today are waking up to see this incredibly overwhelming majority that appear to be asleep. I call these “blind followers” of ‘whatever is socially accepted’ “Somnambulists” or sleep walkers as opposed to the more commonly used term “Sheeple.”

These are the people that will be the first to not question what the authorities tell them to do with their bodies and minds. Including getting computer chip implants put into their heads/BRAINS to save on cell phone bills! They will bend over quickly to take the newest vaccines available, to look the other way when violence is being done to innocents, or look the other way when the air is deliberately being filled with pollution in the form “Chem Trails.”

Poisons like barium and other heavy metals and serious toxins are being distributed by those ‘Blind Followers’ piloting the aircraft, spraying the fields, feeding the cows steroids, and the many that will even jump off a bridge or jump into a space ship if they are told to; just because they don’t know any better or are too afraid to say NO!

Just because they want to fit in and be appreciated by someone!

This is learned behavior akin to animalistic tendencies and not to the sane reason for self-preservation!


Somnambulists are the people that will not resist when they are being led off to the spiritual or physical slaughterhouse! The same people that don’t resist going to concentration camps, prisons or following orders; just because they are told to…

Being asleep can apply to someone who is absent, outside of themselves or not present in their body.

Are you or do you know someone who is beside himself?

Addiction is another common affliction that splits the mind.

So we can see the term “SLEEPING” here is often appropriately used to describe that state of conscious choices a person is or is not able to make for themselves. This is directly linked to one’s conscious awareness and to what we might call being PRESENT or AWAKE.

Hasn’t this rightly been reacted to as, “They need to wake up!?”


How many issues would you say that most people need to wake up from to find a healthy balance again?

Powers of deduction and the ability to focus one’s deep attention upon anything and “feel” what is ‘right’ for oneself and know, that is what is ‘just’ and ‘right’ for them therefore for all is a sure sign of growth.

These metaphors for SLEEP are not tangents but all apply…

These are examples of how “SLEEPING” is a major part of this dis-empowerment phase we all face now! {Who has been sleeping on the job?}

It is this direct attack on the exercising of our “Free Will” that is putting us in jeopardy during the ‘Sleeping’ State.

What Is Sleep?

(Chapter 6)

This false sense of safety at the hands of those that only appear to, but do not have our best interests at heart, because they are not following their hearts is one form of the mass hypnosis we call the illusion of sanity in our world!

{This goes for everyone in charge and also those beings we encounter in the Dream State.}

When we are sleeping we are more vulnerable than at any other time. It is surprising how few people even pay any attention to what is going on in their minds, while they are awake or asleep!

How we sleep is not something we have been educated to acknowledge unless we are having health issues come up and that is often too late. Most people are even completely unaware of what we can do to improve our sleep. We are not educated in this or really in any area to balance our health in a constructive way.

{This is why we have seen melatonin become a huge seller in the marketplace.}

Insomnia is a huge problem yet people cannot put it together that something “wrong” or “invasive” might be going on during the “Sleep State!”

Why do we never think of the obvious answer and instead require ourselves to go looking for some complicated and erroneous solution that never tends to work?

Repeating of behavioral patterns is a sure sign we are not free to decide what we are creating in our world or in our Dream Reality!

This too is programed and reprogrammed during sleep.

When we sleep, we are entering the subconscious mind directly. Something that is necessary to do consciously to make ourselves right!

Most of us however do not stay in the subconscious for long during sleep, where we are meant to and it is only here the proper healing gets done.

There are countless signs during sleep that suggest infiltration. But these avenues would not exist if we were to stay at home in the subconscious and reintegrate with all of our fragmented subconscious aspects.

What Is Sleep?

(Chapter 7)

During sleep and all the negative connotations associated with being the “Sleep Walker” we see the majority of humanity going through the motions, not really so clear of any of the reasons why they do the things they do…

Yet we go on ‘following the pack’ unaware we are being led off to the spiritual slaughterhouse!

We live in a world of Somnambulists like the ‘walking dead’ or zombies happy to go about the same tasks absent from finding any meaning in their lives.

There are few exceptions to this “SLEEPING NATION.”

But there is more evidence to this truth then most are willing to admit to. In the very words we think, {we think in terms of words not in creative realizations}, there is this constant implication like a Freudian slip that bares further evidence to this mass epidemic of a SLEEP WALKING ILLNESS.

As long as we think in terms of words we are failing ourselves and failing to ever realize this epiphany of life we are all a part of. This is where direct inner knowing is arrived at, akin to the making of original spontaneous art or music…}

All use of words as thought forms run contrary to our direct feeling and direct understanding that is our ‘true trust intuition’ and the only way to know truth.

Every word not only in English, but in all languages, appears to have more than just one dual meaning. {What’s with the multiple dual meanings?}

There is often some twist or contradiction within the meaning, of each word. However elusive, there also is a conclusive form of proof within this duality that undermines our thoughts, DREAMS, and meaning in our lives.

True thought is not based on words or any other form for that matter! True thought is inspiration, the epiphany of the intuitive creative sense that lies below the level of concepts and forms.

All identification with symbolic forms negates these true thoughts!

Words are symbols that serve no other function than to point to what they represent! While thoughts that arise from within the universal heart are beyond the possibility of any word identified mind of ever ascertaining nor of being pointing to!

The human mind lost in thought {word based thought} is lost in symbols of illusory false identification with externals and this takes one further from their center!

Humanity is out of balance from being out of their center…

People that are so well aware that something is radically wrong but are content to pretend “Everything’s Fine” so as not to disturb what passes for peace; are really fooling themselves and are actually participating in and feeding the conflict!


The subconscious mind that is virtually inaccessible to most people is accepted as some insubstantial thing. Therefore it is the norm to not only disconnect with it but to not even know what it is! We pretend the subconscious isn’t even real so we don’t ever have to think of it! But by doing so we are neglecting an incredibly large aspect of ourselves which is the only gateway to the soul or heart of our true essence!

Ever wonder why this has never been questioned by science or most mystics as an issue! The severity of this issue is a monumental one beyond our imagination!

Even though this is precisely one of the biggest issues at the heart of humanity’s pain! It goes on unrecognized from sheer denial and failing to question, “Why? or Why not?”

We fail ourselves every time we neglect to look a bit deeper into the origins of our suffering! We will remain in this karmic predicament until we stand up to this toxic infiltration we are overloaded with and possessed by.

The countless implants and obstacles… we are not going to go into here, but you will find them listed and explained in other articles.

What we are going to talk about is one of the biggest splits in human consciousness and it can be readily found during the Sleeping State.

This is the “Unconscious” spoken of by Eckert Tolle and Carl Jung. Mentioned earlier as another aspect of sleep.

Technically the “Unconscious” is not illusion and not real.

This will require some explaining…

The “Unconscious” was manifested by us at the first stage of the calamity known as the prehistory genocide we associate with the “Fall from Grace.”

We created the “Unconscious” out of the necessity to protect ourselves from feeling the massive trauma sustained due to the impact of this world catastrophe.

The “Unconscious” is a place between the subconscious and the conscious mind that fluctuates between the two. It is semi-dormant half the time and active the rest of the time. The amount of this vary from person to person according to their experiences and to the amount of trauma therefore fragmentation they had sustained.

The “Unconscious” is the most obscure, the most hidden stronghold and also constitutes an entrance, a way into the astral plane or from the Astral through our subconscious.

What Is Unconscious Sleep?

(Chapter 8)

The deep reaches of the inner sanctum of the “Unconscious” is meant to suck us in. What comes through is fake. Whatever comes through it is meant to be a substitute to replace our ability to access and maintain our full conscious awareness of our source essence during sleep.

In this area the clear line between essence and illusion has been obscured.

This infiltrating agency is the living illusion, the Mark of the beast, the Curse of living in a body, or the cause of the ‘Fall from Grace’ within us!

In this area the clear line between sanity and insanity is obscured.

The fine line between sleep and the waking state also becomes obscured.

The “Unconscious” implants are also linked to the “Collective Unconscious” of humanity. This is where all the Collective Pain of humanity is stored and shared…

In this terminal arena all souls earthbound are merged with each other’s suffering so as it is an interchangeable soup of mind blends, unnatural and toxic.

The manipulation of human DNA began this process in time immemorial.
So with it the unconscious mind grew in strength and in stature.

This deep inner opening within our minds is a floodgate that along with the subconscious is running through every cell of our bodies and especially through and from our DNA shut down.

So all that is held in this virial interference is in the virtual main frame of our cellular memory & can be hacked at any time from the astral as long as those corridors have not been shut off.

So to cleanse ourselves effectively of all the “Unconscious” implants, the  ‘Unconscious Collective Complex’ we share and all its mechanisms…

It must first be accessed consciously and each layer removed internally or through the subconscious, gently and with ease. This means the energetic extraction process cannot be used.

What is ‘Unconscious’ must be made ‘Conscious!’

{The ‘extraction process’ is a part of the ‘Source Metacine’ multi-dimensional healing techniques. It a way of removing viruses, harmful bacteria, parasites, astral entities, foreign technologies, and other unwanted ailments that cause pain and suffering instantly energetically.}

In this way we may cleanse the “Unconscious” thereby protecting our “Subconscious” from any further infiltration!

Unconsciousness: The Sleeping Yet Awake State.

(Chapter 9)

This deep “Unconsciousness” is referred as a non-self-sense of self.

We will show to be aspects of both sleep and of the waking sleep state we will describe in further detail in the next chapter…

So to be sure this dysfunction is not the “Unconscious” itself but what has come through it that we need to cleanse out.

This can also be said of the subconscious mind which also is an essential part of us and can never and should never be neglected or left out of our lives…

But this dysfunctional state prevails because we are exactly doing just that!  We are alienating many deep parts of ourselves by saying surface or by poorly choosing the ‘Sleep of Acceptability’ and the denial of the need for us to look at these major issues on order to proliferate waking to the innermost self-essence!

This  is precisely where the ‘Gates of Other’ encroach upon our personal space!

The “Unconscious” although we said was dormant before, is actually active but not in the same way as our conscious mind.

It has been referred to as the consciousness of “other!”

But it is really only the space that such malicious things have access to us through.

This is the true “Unconscious Mind!”

What Is Sleep? The Unconscious Explored

(Chapter 10)

Generally, the Unconscious has more than one reference.

Tolle and others refer to the “Unconscious” not as an aspect of our mind but as a state that takes us over and renders us unable to discern between who we are and what our conditioning is.

This is where we see our own choices become obscured along with our sanity.

Most readily apparent when we are angry or having an emotional attack, whereby we are no longer in control. We are no longer the sole in-habit-ator of this mind, body and soul! This is a form of possession we all experience!

He calls the possessing entity the “PAIN BODY” which is general but accurate.
There is not one but many types of entities at work in this process we call the possession of the human condition…

This ‘possessed state’ {deer in the headlights look}, is also another form of that “Sleeping State” I have been referring to as a mass epidemic of humanity and the absence of self…

The “Unconscious” is merely one entry way where all those unwanted thoughts we think arise from within us really come from; especially when we are quietly trying to be completely silent in the head!

This version of the “Unconscious” is accurate in describing the difference between a person aware of their thoughts and a person unaware that their thoughts are taking over their life.

But there also is another aspect to the Unconscious Mind.

There is a murky catacomb of an unvisited crypt within us that is the true “Unconscious” which is not an illusion at all but it is a repository for the illusionary accumulations of implantations, contracts and an awful lot of overstocked accumulations of toxic inventory held, stored and this also doubles as another entranceway for the astral predators to enter into us.

Sleep for most people is an entirely unconscious experience. Those that do remember their dreams tend to want to forget them. Surrealist artists thrive on the use of the memories of the Dream State in the making of their poetry, art and their whole philosophy depends on DREAMS!

When we are sleeping and we are not present in our minds some people call this being unconscious.

This can happen during sleep as well. It is as if someone has taken over our dreaming mind and has begun to add their own permutations to our mental perceptions, abilities, emotions and feelings.

This is the insidious astral interference all of us experience without ever realizing what it is that is really going on.

An example of this is, when we are upset, and we get taken over by some emotion, such as rage, anger or depression. We are helpless to find a space between us or our inner witnessing presence and that crazy person that is ether acting out screaming, committing violence or worse… or just sitting passively regressing or inverting inward into an unconsciously passive reactionary state.

These are further external examples of what Tolle calls the unconscious. Here I am drawing upon both the unconscious awake state and the unconscious sleeping state to show how both are not two different things but are one and the same dysfunction!

These passing possessions, emotional reactions or the conflicted events in the Dream state are really not the unconscious mind in action but what is passing through it into us…

This is the astral dimension of non-human consciousness that is taking over the person.

Here we are no more than a puppet to the reaction taking us over.

{Once again, True in both waking and sleeping states.}

Who is perpetrating this upon us?

How is this being accomplished?

To what end does this serve anyone?

sleepThis “invasion” or forcible “take over” is being accomplished by the activation and infiltration of our consciousness through the “unconscious” mind and any entities, any implants on us, or in the subconscious.

The energy that is doing the perpetrating is clearly parasitic in nature and it varies according to which type. These infestations take turns playing “God” with us.

{See the Matrix Five Possession Program.}

Another manifestation of this deeply impregnated “Unconscious” implanted “take over” mechanisms is the ability to “Shut Off” one’s focus or to create the illusion of we now call “Attention Deficit Disorder” syndrome.

All these and countless other mental and emotional complexes, DISEASES etc. that medical science is unable to identify or comprehend come from a technology that by far surpasses our science.

Another version of this I have witnessed many times is the memory erasure technique, which does and is exactly what it says it is. I have seen this in action after waking up and while a person is consciously awake just like the “Take Over” syndrome.

Ever wonder why people do the things they do?

Ever wonder why “Pleading Temporary Insanity” is real?

Then there is what some call the “Unconscious” triggering contracts that take over a certain body part, desire or bring out a certain obsessive quality of a person’s personality… or is it really them?

All of us who try to fight it get attacked or drained or are made sick in a different way! This is what it means to experience a “psychic attack!”

Everyone has been taken over by the reaction to something someone said or to a volatile situation or even to acts or words of their loved ones!

We become a puppet on a string with no way to control the racing mind, the anxiety in the body or the emotional pain coming up as reactions, judgements, hostile feelings, threatening thoughts words or even violent behavior.

How true is this of all of us at one time or another?

If so, how true is it of all of us, all of the time?

Hopefully not as dramatic as all that but how do we ever get free from the compulsive thinking and the emotional reactions that are inseparable from them?

Are we thinking our own thoughts and feeling our own emotions?

Would we even know it if we were? How can we tell if it were true?

If we truly cannot tell and we can’t, then already there is a serious problem!

The next time this pattern comes up. Can you stop it?

Once this type of program gets triggered; we see the addictive impulse arise very quickly within us and we act out without having a say in the matter.

I have also witnessed the “shut off switch” trigger, this is the “Unconscious in Action”, as a person is reading certain revealing, written or spoken information to do with this very subject. Immediately they shut down and fall asleep without being able to control that reaction! {This is not narcolepsy!}

{Above where it is said the “Unconscious in Action” refers again only to what is coming through the unconscious and not really to it. But what is unconscious within us we must ‘actively’ become aware of, to free ourselves.}

We have all heard of love potions, spells and witchcraft but this is nothing compared to what one is dealing with when entering into the manipulations of the subconscious mind that make these fantasy world practices of wizards, witches and other occult practices come to life and actually work.

Some people have the ability to be hypnotized while others do not.

Why do you suppose this is?

The reason is directly related to the belief systems and the implanted contracts that create this vulnerability and not because any of these external magic practices can do a thing on their own.

Be sure this is simply what we have been taught to call the “Unconscious” but it is really the “Unconscious” mechanisms of manipulation taking us over. This must be continually reiterated…

This is the power subconsciously implanted contracts exert over a person’s free will.

These implants {as we’ve discussed before} are the nefarious work of those that created the matrix mind cage.

I personally have seen many people, friends, clients and students undergo a “Forced Shut Down” such as this: each time they tried over and over again to take in this information on this same insidious matrix mind madness.

They uncontrollably passed out over and over again. Until their contracts to never consciously see through the corruption of the astral derived demiurge and its corrupting veil of illusion were cleared from them. Then they were able to get through either an article or the lecture in person or whatever source was exposing this mind control cage wither online, in person or otherwise.

These are perfect examples of the loss of free will from the state of being what is once again called “Unconscious!”

Unconsciousness and the Waking Sleeper.

(Chapter 11)

The “Unconscious” is as we have shown a part of us that has been infiltrated with reactive devices that act like a series of leeches that has been placed upon our consciousness substantiating what we call: “The Human Condition.”

{see article: “The Human Condition.”}

As these implants that came in through the “Unconscious mind” are not human, {and it is a foreign intrusion}, then all this mind control can be transformed and it’s negative influence eliminated.

This is not speculation. We have already worked this process out.

This lack of clarity between the waking state and the sleeping or the Dream State has been recognized throughout the history of the world in poetry and literature. But nowhere has it been so well stated than in the writings of Chuang Tzu…

“Do you know you are now a man dreaming that you are a butterfly or are you a butterfly dreaming you are a man?” Chuang Tzu.

This type of stunning imagery reveals a spark to the sleeping soul hence the possibility of awakening from the enigmatically “vivid elusiveness” of this physical reality. This that so many prefer to pretend to be the only reality. This pretense has been another well engineered impasse to keep the limitations upon human consciousness intact.

At the beginning of this article we spoke of accessing the “Dream State” consciously as well as subconsciously.

This full conscious awareness is not only possible but this is our natural state.

The “Unconscious Mind” is yet another aspect to our wholeness.

The sleeper awakes only after those obstacles we have taken on, have been transformed into a vehicle!

‘Source Metacine’ can come through our mystic consciousness as we take up this path of resolute determination! A type of divine re-evaluation of all we hold sacred must be enacted to unearth these poisons within us that we are not as yet aware of consciously to bring them to consciousness!

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